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The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
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The Stephen Lawrence Case

GuardianUnlimited: Special Reports: Stephen Lawrence
The Guardian newspaper, based in London, culled its archives to create this special report on the Lawrence case. The latest developments are featured most prominently; further down the page are links to basic background information on the murder and later inquiries into the police department's (mis)handling of the high-profile case.

Stephen Lawrence -- Timeline of Events
BBC News Online presents a multimedia chronology of events in the ongoing Lawrence case.

Duwayne Brooks' Statement to the Lawrence Inquiry
Rajiv Menon, counsel for Duwayne Brooks, read this statement to the Lawrence Inquiry in January 1999. Brooks describes the events of April 22, 1993, and how the police and prosecutors treated him as a suspect and criminal, doubting his description of the racially-motivated attack and his identification of the murder suspects.

Children's Express: A Mother's Pride
In May of 2001, Children's Express reporters interviewed Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen about her son's life. They also spoke with Verna Wilkins, author of the children's book, The Life of Stephen Lawrence. (See Bibliography, below). Children's Express is a news agency whose mission is to give underprivileged children the opportunity to express themselves publicly on vital issues that affect them, thereby raising their self-esteem and developing their potential.

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The Stephen Lawrence Case : Update

Guardian Unlimited: Special Reports: The Macpherson Report
Sir William Macpherson (now retired) led the public inquiry into the Metropolitan Police Department, ultimately determining that institutional racism and police prejudice served to undermine justice for Stephen Lawrence and minorities in general. The full text of the Macpherson Report is available here. You can also track The Guardian's police force survey; view statistics on race in the UK; read an interview with Doreen Lawrence; follow the debate that raged between William Hague, Conservative Party leader, and Macpherson; and browse articles on the report's fallout and how it has affected Britain.

BBC News: The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry
BBC News Online provided this analysis of the Macpherson Report when it was released in 1999, confirming suspicions of the London police force's institutional racism and outlining recommendations towards a "zero-tolerance" policy on racism. Find out how the country reacted, learn about racial violence in Britain, and read biographical profiles of the key players, including Stephen Lawrence.

Commission for Racial Equality: Lawrence Inquiry
The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) responds to the challenges of the Macpherson Report. The CRE is a publicly-funded, non-governmental body in Britain set up under the Race Relations Act of 1976 to address racial discrimination and promote equality.

Guardian Unlimited: Live Online: Duwayne Brooks
On April 3, 2000, Duwayne Brooks participated in a live online discussion with The Guardian. Read his answers to questions about that fateful night in 1993, his personal impression of the police force, his opinion of the Macpherson Report, and his hopes for the future.

GuardianUnlimited: Special Reports: Race in Britain
Discrimination and prejudice not only claimed Stephen Lawrence's life, but thwarted his family's quest for justice at every turn. Multicultural and minority communities have borne the brunt of Britain's social and political missteps. Learn more about the debate that rages over equality in this special report from The Guardian.

Scotland Executive's Stephen Lawrence Action Plan One Year On
On July 20, 1999, the Scottish Executive, the devolved government for Scotland, issued an Action Plan for Scotland guard against institutionalized racism based on the recommendations of the Macpherson Report. On the first anniversary of the plan's implementation, Deputy Minister for Justice Angus MacKay noted its achievements.

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Similar cases

Guardian Unlimited: Special Reports: Stephen Lawrence was not the only one
Both found dead in 1997, Michael Menson, the 30-year-old son of a Ghanaian diplomat, and student Lakhvinder "Ricky" Reel, 20, were also the victims of racial violence; the actions and attitudes of the Metropolitan Police Department hampered the subsequent investigations. Learn more about their cases here.

Institute of Race Relations
On February 19, 2000, one year after the publication of the Macpherson Report, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) organized a meeting in London to assess the progress made against racism. RealAudio excerpts are available from the speeches of Sukhdev Reel, Ricky Reel's mother; Essie Menson, sister of Michael Menson; and Imran Khan, the Lawrence family's solicitor; the full text of IRR Director A. Sivanandan's speech is provided. Also available is a list of racially motivated murders that have occurred in Britain since 1991 and the IRR's own submission to the Lawrence Inquiry. The IRR is an educational charity that supports and conducts research to inform the struggle for racial justice in Britain and internationally.

BBC News: UK: A Community in Shock
On November 27, 2000, 10-year-old Damilola Taylor was murdered in Peckham in southeast London. The BBC interviewed Peckham residents about safety issues in their neighborhood and the community's future in the immediate wake of the stabbing.

Death of a Nigerian Boy in England
The circumstances of Damilola Taylor's death sadly recalled those of Stephen Lawrence's unrelated murder in 1993 and refueled the debate about racism and politics in British society.

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Britton, Nadia Joanne. Black Justice? Race, Criminal Justice and Identity. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England: Trentham Books, 2000.

Cathcart, Brian. The Case of Stephen Lawrence. London: Viking, 1999.
Winner of the 1999 Crime Writers Association Award for Non-Fiction.

Mason, David. Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.
From the "Oxford Modern Britian" series.

Paul, Kathleen. Whitewashing Britain: Race and Citizenship in the Postwar Era. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1997.

Wilkins, Verna. The Life of Stephen Lawrence. London: Tamarind Press, 2001.
This book, written for ages 9 to 12, was based on the memories of many of those who knew Stephen Lawrence and remember him as a boy like many others -- lively, mischievous and beloved.

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