Lennon Naked Cast and Credits


John Lennon
Christopher Eccleston
Freddie Lennon
Christopher Fairbank
Art Janov
Allan Corduner
Paul McCartney
Andrew Scott
Yoko Ono
Naoko Mori
Derek Taylor
Michael Colgan
Ringo Starr
Craig Cheetham
George Harrison
Jack Morgan
Claudie Blakley
Brian Epstein
Rory Kinnear
Pete Shotton
Adrian Bower
Di Botcher
Eileen O'Brien
Gloria Emerson
Debora Weston
Dave Legeno
Charlie Coulthard
Ray Macallan
Cynthia's Lawyer
Jonathan Rigby
Rich Woman
Annabel Leventon
Hospital Consultant
David Annen
Apple Accountant
Patrick Drury
John's PA
Helen Bradbury
Journalist 1
Pieter Lawman
Journalist 2
Roderick Smith
Journalist 3
Dylan Charles

Production Credits

Robert Jones
1st Assistant Director
Steve Robinson
2nd Assistant Director
Jo Tew
3rd Assistant Director
Andrew Vanneck
Production Coordinator
Chan Chau
Production Secretary
Debbie Shephard
Head of Production
Claire Bosworth
Sarah Rushbrook
Script Supervisor
Angelica Pressello
Location Manager
Simon Nixon
Location Scout
James Alexander
Focus Puller
Martin Payne
Ben Oliver
Boom Operator
Simon Brown
Chris Georgas
Best Boy
Jonathan Spencer
Art Director
Charmian Adams
Standby Art Director
Tim Blake
Prop Buyer
Andy Grogan
Prop Master
Mike Power
Standby Prop
Damian Butlin
Standby Prop
Monty Wilson
Dressing Props 1
Tom Pleydell Pearce
Dressing Props 2
Matt Wyles
Hair & Makeup Assistant
Lois Mcintosh
Hair & Makeup Assistant
Louise Coles
Costume Supervisor
Joanna Hayes
Costume Assistant
Corinna Everett-Lyons
Post Producer
Online Editor
Alan Jones
Ross Baker
Dubbing Mixer
Danny Finn
Sound Engineer
Tony Meering
Burrell Durrant Hifle
Executive Producer for the BBC
Kate Evans
Casting Director
Sam Jones C.D.G.
Hair & Makeup Designer
Karen Hartley-Thomas
Costume Designer
Lucinda Wright
Production Designer
Donal Woods
Dickon Hinchcliffe
Director of Photography
Matt Gray
Philip Kloss
Line Producer
Letitia Knight
Katherine Lannon
Edmund Coulthard
Edmund Coulthard

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Hosted by
David Tennant
Senior Post Production Director
Erin Delaney
Business Manager
Deb Gibbs
Writer/Senior Editor
Kathleen Cahill
Production Assistant
Tsering Yangzom
Office Coordinator
Lisa Lokshin
Online Editor
Spencer Gentry
Visual Effects/Sound Design
Paul Sanni
Series Graphics
Prologue, Kyle Cooper
Series Theme
Man Made Music
Ellen Dockser
Olivia Wong
Jessica Hartzell
Senior Producer
Susanne Simpson
Senior Producer
Steven Ashley
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton

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Web Credits for Lennon Naked

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl
Barrett Brountas
Sarah Grafman
Assistant Production Designer
Cassandra Sell
Senior Developer
Molly Frey
Project Manager
Marisa Nopakun
Producer, Streaming Video
Anna Fort
Unit Manager, WGBH Interactive
Amy Stahl

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