Inspector Lewis Series III: Falling Darkness
Cast and Credits


DI Lewis
Kevin Whately
Dr. Laura Hobson
Clare Holman
Ellen Jacoby
Niamh Cusak
Madeleine Escher
Lucy Griffiths
Roddy Allen
Brodie Ross
Rowena Trevanion
Lauren O'Neil
Professor Ligeia Willard
Louise Hunt
Professor Rufus Strickfaden
John Sessions
Doctor Nicolae Belisarius
Adam Levy
Victor Clerval
Alex Price
Ursula van Tessell
Lynsey Baxter
DS James Hathaway
Laurence Fox
Charlotte Corwin
Jenn Murray
Professor Angus Rawbone
Ron Donachie
Ch. Supt. Innocent
Rebecca Front
Vince Corwin
Patrick Knowles
Alec Pickman
Rupert Graves
Christine Hawkins
Joanna Roth
Mrs. Renfield
Mary Jo Randle

Production Credits

Inspired by the Inspector Morse Novels of
Colin Dexter
Screenplay by
Russell Lewis
Music Composed and Conducted by
Barrington Pheloung
1st Assistant Director
Mark Goddard
2nd Assistant Director
Andrew Foster
3rd Assistant Director
Glyn Harper
Production Accountant
Adrian O'Brien
Assistant Accountant
Debbie Moseley
Location Manager
Nick Marshall
Assistant Location Manager
Matt Clarke
Unit Manager
Timothy Davies
Script Supervisor
Pauline Harlow
Production Coordinator
Sarah Lindfield
Production Secretary
Shekeelia Gregory
Camera Operator
Steve Alcorn
Phantom Camera Operator
John Hadfield
1st Assistant Camera
Jon Beacham
2nd Assistant Camera
Jon Howard
Camera Grip
Russell Diamond
Art Director
Lucienne Suren
Standby Art Director
Matilda Wainwright
Production Buyer
Charlie Lynam
Graphic Designer
George Simons
Art Department Assistant
Scarlett Clifford
Prop Master
Paul Emerson
Sound Mixer
Richard Manton, AMPS
Boom Operator
Stephen Fish
Dressing Props
Bradley Godwin
Steve Smith
Standby Props
Mark Bevan
Matt French
Costume Supervisor
Esther Kennerley
Costume Assistant
Julie Merritt
Makeup Artists
May Gascoigne
Caroline Morrison
Publicity Manager
Laura Wootton
Picture Publicist
Patrick Smith
Vince Goddard
Best Boy
Paul Brewster
Mike Cooper
Dave Sherman
Construction Manager
Danny Lennon
Standby Carpenter
Andrew Smith
Standby Rigger
Dave Price
Post Production Supervisor
Beverly Horne
Supervising Sound Editor
John Downer
Re-Recording Mixer
Gareth Bull
Dialogue Editor
Harry Barnes
Music & FX Editor
Sue Lenny
Dan Coles
Assistant Editor
Joanna Garrard
Costume Designer
John Lindlar
Hair and Makeup Designer
Vanessa Johnson
Stunt Coordinator
Jason White
Susie Parriss
Script Editor
Tom Winchester
Head of Production
Gail Kennett
Kevin Lester
Line Producer
Helga Dowie
Production Designer
Paul Spriggs
Director of Photography
Paul Bond
Produced by
Chris Burt
Directed by
Nicholas Renton
Executive Producers
Michele Buck
Damien Timmer

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Hosted by
Alan Cumming
Senior Post Production Director
Erin Delaney
Business Manager
Deb Gibbs
Writer/Senior Editor
Kathleen Cahill
Production Assistant
Tsering Yangzom
Office Coordinator
Lisa Lokshin
Online Editor
Spencer Gentry
Visual Effects/Sound Design
Paul Sanni
Series Graphics
Prologue, Kyle Cooper
Series Theme
Man Made Music
Ellen Dockser
Olivia Wong
Julianne Smith
Senior Producer
Susanne Simpson
Senior Producer
Steven Ashley
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton

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Web Credits for Falling Darkness

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl
Senior Designer
Sonali Patel
Director of Design, Interactive
Toby Bottorf
Dan Nolan
Assistant Production Designers
Cassandra Sell
Jon Hayward
Senior Developer
Molly Frey
Project Manager
Marisa Nopakun
Producer, Streaming Video
Anna Fort
Synopsis Writer
Richard Maurer
Unit Manager, WGBH Interactive
Amy Stahl

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