Little Dorrit

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Romance and heartbreak are in the air. John Chivery proposes to Amy Dorrit, while Arthur Clennam's aspirations for Pet Meagles become deflated after meeting another suitor, Henry Gowan. Meanwhile, Flora Finching, concerned that Arthur's attention is being distracted by Amy, brings Amy to work for her. Opportunistic Fanny Dorrit leads on smitten Edmund Sparkler, stepson of famed banker Mr. Merdle.

Cavalletto arrives in London, only to discover he has been followed by Rigaud. Learning of a box that contains Mrs. Clennam's secrets, Rigaud senses an opportunity.

Mr. Pancks continues his investigation on Arthur's behalf. He recruits John Chivery and a lawyer for help.

Tattycoram, outraged at what she considers poor treatment, declares she is leaving the Meagleses for good. Mr. Meagles watches with great concern.

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John Chivery, sensing a rival in Arthur Clennam, decides to make his move and propose to Amy Dorrit. It's too late, however, and Amy, who already has feelings for Arthur, turns John down. Mr. Dorrit, who has always relied on the kindness of the Chiverys, is upset about Amy's decision. Arthur meanwhile, entirely ignorant of Amy's feelings for him, is also disappointed in love when he meets Pet Meagles's rival suitor, Henry Gowan. However, he enjoys meeting the Meagleses' family friend, the inventor and engineer, Daniel Doyce. Arhur has been looking for a new business venture since his return to England. Has he found the ideal partner in Doyce?

Cavalletto arrives in London, only to discover that he's been followed by Rigaud. Rigaud encounters Flintwinch's twin brother, Ephraim, in a tavern. Seeing the box containing Mrs. Clennam's secret papers, Rigaud immediately senses an opportunity.

Fanny invites Amy with her to see Mrs. Merdle. Mrs. Merdle is the mother of Fanny's admirer, Edmund Sparkler. She is also the wife of the richest man in the country. Mrs. Merdle explains the unsuitability of a match between Fanny and Sparkler, but Fanny isn't easily intimidated. Flora Finching, who has sensed a rival for Arthur's affections in Amy, decides to keep an eye on Amy by inviting Amy to work for her.

Pancks continues his investigations into the connection between the Dorrits and the Clennams. He hints to Amy about the possibility of an imminent discovery. Pancks recruits John Chivery and a lawyer, Mr. Rugg, to assist him. Amy notices Pancks's movements and wonders what he's up to.

Determined not to give up, Arthur returns to Twickenham to propose to Pet. However, Pet announces that she has decided to marry Henry Gowan and Arthur returns to London, thoroughly disheartened.

Tattycoram finally decides that she has had enough of being ordered about, and she storms out of the Meagleses' house, declaring that she is leaving for good. Mr. Meagles, deeply concerned for her welfare, enlists Arthur to help him find her. They guess correctly that she's gone to Miss Wade's home, but can they convince her to part with this woman who seems to have a hold on her?

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