Little Dorrit

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The villainous Rigaud (under an assumed name), begins an extortion scheme against Mrs. Clennam. Pancks uncovers information that dramatically alters the future for the Dorrits. Now able to move beyond his shameful past, Mr. Dorrit enlists the help of Mrs. General to instruct his daughters in etiquette. Disquieted by all the sudden changes, Amy continues her connection with Arthur through letters, and forges a closer relationship with Pet Meagles.

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Rigaud visits Mrs. Clennam's house, pretending that he's come on business. Although Rigaud is in no rush to let on that he's in possession of the box containing her secret papers, Flintwinch quickly surmises the situation. Rigaud charms Mrs. Clennam and she invites him to come back and discuss business.

Pet Meagles and Henry Gowan get married, much to the disappointment of her parents. Arthur reveals his bitter sentiments about the marriage to Amy Dorrit, who again hides her true feelings for Arthur.

The investigation now complete, Mr. Pancks reveals that the Dorrits actually have a considerable fortune, and they quickly make their triumphant departure from a life of poverty. Arthur, who has enabled this revelation to come to light, looks on in the knowledge that he may never see them again.

Now free of his shameful past, Mr. Dorrit insists to the family that the past, and everyone in it, must be left behind. He wastes no time in employing a lady, Mrs. General, to offer instruction in etiquette to his daughters. Mrs. General suggests the family should go on a Grand Tour, and the Dorrits soon leave the country. Amy Dorrit, however, doesn't leave without ensuring that her friends — the poverty-stricken Plornishes and Maggy — are well provided for. Everyone, especially Arthur, reflects on how much they will miss Amy.

The first person that the Dorrits encounter on their Grand Tour is Rigaud. He is traveling with the Gowans, and much to Amy's discomfort, he seems to take a special interest in her.

The Dorrits arrive in Venice. Amy, unlike the rest of the family, struggles to adapt to her new, wealthy lifestyle. Mr. Dorrit can't understand this and loses his patience with Amy. Amy's uncle, Frederick, is the only one who seems able to relate to how she feels.

Back in London, Arthur throws himself into his work, resolving to help Daniel Doyce with his business by taking up his case at the Circumlocution Office. Amy and Arthur strike up a correspondence and these letters, along with Amy's growing friendship with Pet Meagles, are what keep her going. However, whenever Amy wants to see Pet, she sees Rigaud too, and he seems uncomfortably interested in knowing more about her.

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