Little Dorrit

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As Mr. Dorrit and Mrs. General get closer, a dismayed Fanny Dorrit schemes to remove herself from the situation by pursuing Edmund Sparkler, stepson of the famed banker Mr. Merdle. Her one obstacle is Mrs. Merdle, entirely opposed to such a union.

Mr. and Mrs. Meagles receive a disturbing visit from Henry Gowan's mother. Concerned for their daughter Pet's reputation, they venture to Venice to be with her.

Arthur Clennam runs into Rigaud at the House of Clennam and immediately wonders about his intentions. Soon, Arthur receives the shocking news from Mr. Pancks that Rigaud has vanished, and Mrs. Clennam is now under a cloud of suspicion.

Mr. Dorrit meets Mr. Merdle. So taken with his lavish lifestyle, Mr. Dorrit seeks investment advice from Mr. Merdle. Arthur, investing the money from the business he has with Daniel Doyce, soon follows suit.

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Fanny Dorrit worries about the burgeoning affection between Mr. Dorrit and Mrs. General. The thought of having Mrs. General as a stepmother inspires her to pursue marriage to Edmund Sparkler, who has arrived in Venice with his mother, Mrs. Merdle. Mrs. Merdle, however, will do anything she can to prevent such a marriage. She enlists the help of her husband, Mr. Merdle, in finding a way of getting Sparkler away from Fanny.

Back in England, Mr. and Mrs. Meagles receive a visit from Henry Gowan's snobbish mother. Mrs. Gowan repeats her self-invented myth that the Meagleses trapped her son into marriage. The Meagleses, furious with Mrs. Gowan and worried for Pet Meagles's reputation, decide to go out to Venice to be with her.

Arthur Clennam visits his mother only to find a stranger standing on her doorstep. The stranger is Rigaud, just returned from Venice. Arthur realizes immediately that Rigaud is a criminal, but what business could he possibly have with Mrs. Clennam?

Arthur receives a shock when Pancks shows him an official handbill detailing the disappearance of Rigaud, last seen at the House of Clennam. It suggests that Mrs. Clennam is under suspicion. Cavalletto informs Arthur that Rigaud himself is a murderer. Arthur rushes to his mother to question her, but she stays stonily reticent to offer answers.

Mr. Dorrit returns to England with Fanny and Sparkler, who have now married. He is awed by the splendor of the Merdle House, and deeply flattered when Mr. Merdle offers to help him invest his fortune. Arthur also decides to invest the capital from his business with Daniel Doyce into Merdle's bank.

Arthur remains deeply worried by the suspicion surrounding his mother's house over the disappearance of Rigaud. With the aim of laying the matter to rest once and for all, he commissions Pancks to find Miss Wade, in the hope that she can lead him to Rigaud.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dorrit quickly settles into the London highlife. However, when old faces from the past start showing up, reminding him of the times he would rather forget, matters begin to take an unexpected turn for the worse.

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