When it debuted on PBS in 2002, The Wall Street Journal declared The Inspector Lynley Mysteries "fully worthy of the Mystery! label." Six years later, it's time to say goodbye to novelist Elizabeth George's seemingly mismatched partners — the dashing blueblood Thomas Lynley, eighth Earl of Asherton (Nathaniel Parker), and his working-class sidekick, Barbara Havers (Sharon Small).

In the two new episodes of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Series VII (Limbo, Know Thine Enemy), the celebrated Scotland Yard duo known as much for fighting crime as for locking horns with one another collaborate on two final cases. Six months after a great personal tragedy, it seems Lynley is drowning (and drowning in) his sorrows. An old, unsolved and very personal case and a new one involving the possibility of a serial killer in suburban London prove to be complex challenges for Lynley and Havers.

An encore presentation of Series VI (Natural Causes, One Guilty Deed, Chinese Walls, Blink of an Eye) finds Lynley and Havers facing new tensions, both personal and professional. Through it all, no detective is better suited to explore the secrets of the upper classes than Lynley. And while Havers may not know her earl from her escargot, she knows how to dig for clues in places too seedy for the well-manicured Lynley.

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