The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Series VII

Two 90-minute mysteries — Sundays, August 10 to August 17, 2008

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Thomas Lynley, eight Earl of Asherton (Nathaniel Parker) and his working class sidekick Barbara Havers (Sharon Small), the celebrated Scotland Yard duo known as much for fighting crime as for locking horns with one another, collaborate on two final cases. Six months after a great personal tragedy, it seems Lynley is drowning (and drowning in) his sorrows. An old, unsolved and very personal case, and a new one involving the possibility of a serial killer in suburban London draw Lynley and Havers into action one last time.

Episodes of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Series VII

August 10, 2008
As Lynley still struggles with a great personal tragedy, he's drawn back in to the 15-year-old unsolved abduction of his godson. A second shock occurs, and this time Lynley is at the center of the investigation. Can Lynley's name be cleared?

August 17, 2008
Know Thine Enemy
Lynley and Havers try to solve the murder of one schoolgirl and the disappearance of another. Is a serial killer on the loose in suburban London? What is the mother of one of the girls hiding? And who is the mysterious redhead seen with both girls before they disappeared?

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