Mansfield Park

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"We all have our best guides within us, if only we would listen."
— Fanny Price in Mansfield Park

Fanny Price (Billie Piper, Doctor Who, The Ruby in the Smoke) is plucked from poverty as a child and taken to live with relatives at stately Mansfield Park. Surrounded by entitled and vain cousins, Fanny forges a connection with one — Edmund Bertram (Blake Ritson, Inspector Lynley Mysteries). Years later, two neighbors fresh from a life in high society descend on Mansfield Park, sparking a labyrinth of intrigue and affairs. Fanny finds herself being pursued, but not by the longstanding love of her life. Can Fanny listen to her own heart and wait for her true love to notice her? Jemma Redgrave (Bramwell) also stars in Jane Austen's story of status, satire, and romance.

The Men of Austen
Interested in a suitor from the Mansfield Park social scene? Meet Austen's heroic, aloof, and dashing leading men, and pick your favorite.

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