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The Making of the Film
The relationship that could have been the death of the monarchy led to the rebirth of a Queen's spirit....

Here's a woman who thinks her life is over and no one can possibly contradict her word, and along comes this man who is not afraid to tell her to get back on with living. You have to realize that no one ever spoke to Victoria in a normal way until Brown came into her life....

The World of Queen Victoria
She lent her name to an era characterized by both unprecendented progress and unrelenting repression....

Queen Victoria presided over a Britain on the verge of sweeping change. Prior to her rule, few questioned the supremacy of such institutions as Church, God, State, and Monarchy. But her times became known as the Great Age of Doubt....

Victoria's Life in the Highlands
From the time she was a young girl, Scotland held a fascination for the Queen.

Victoria's experience on that first holiday with Albert made an indelible impression on her. Albert was similarly affected. She would become the first English monarch since Charles I to make a home in Scotland, and the very first to write about it for the public.

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