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Web Links

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey
The complete text of Strachey's groundbreaking biography of Queen Victoria is available in its entirety online.

Queen Victoria's Census Entry 1851
One would think Queen Victoria and her family could avoid having to fill out their census form, but in 1851, the record keepers caught up with them. This site requires only a short visit, but it's worthwhile; be sure to note Victoria's declared profession, and also who is listed as head of the household.

"Queen Victoria's Childhood"
This lively article about Queen Victoria's colorful childhood is reprinted from British Heritage magazine. For more information about both modern-day and historical Great Britain, visit British Heritage online.

"A Queen for the Ages"
Reprinted from the March 1998 issue of Biography magazine, Dorothy Rompalske's article pays special attention to the scandals that Victoria endured during her reign. A short but provocative section on John Brown reveals some details that biographers and Mrs. Brown did not include.

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Victorian Times

Queen Victoria's Christmas
It wasn't just a code of behavior that Victoria influenced while she ruled England; learn here about Queen Victoria's role in shaping the contemporary notion of celebrating Christmas as well.

Victoria Research Web
Originating from Indiana University, this site is dedicated to the scholarly study of 19th-century Britain, particularly the Victorian period. It is designed to assist Victorianists, teachers, and students locate resources for their work, and offerings include discussion boards, bibliographies, submission guidelines and information, and even information about travel to London.

The Victorian Web
More an encyclopedia than a Web site, The Victorian Web is the work of George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History at Brown University. The site contains hundreds of articles about all subjects Victorian, from literature to technology to religion. The Victorian Web is very highly regarded among Web sites, having been commended by, among others, The History Channel and BBC Education Web Guide.

Essence of Victorian:
A site that takes visitors back to "a time of elegance, beauty, and romance," Essence concerns itself with the etiquette and opulence that has long been associated with the Victorian Era. True devotees can listen to Victorian-style music while reading up on a variety of Victorian customs and traditions, including afternoon tea, calling cards, and the language of fans.

Victorian Web Sites
Compiled by Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures at Nagoya University in Japan, this site is considered the "mother of all [Victorian] sites." Matsuoka's frequently updated list includes, at last count, 296 Victorian links, organized alphabetically, on topics ranging from Victorian preaching to parlor games. The site is exceptionally rich in literary sites, with special sections devoted to English literature.

Victoriana: Behind Closed Doors
Queen Victoria was held up as a model of virtue and devotion, happily surrounded by her beloved husband and their nine children. Her "Not So Victorian Writings About Pregnancy, Children, Marriage, and Men" can be found at "Behind Closed Doors," just one section of the extensive and energetic Victoriana Web site. "Behind Closed Doors" features a series of articles, full of original Victorian illustrations and text, about all the things proper Victorian women were never to speak of.

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The Monarchy

Britannia: Monarchs
An extensive feature on the site that calls itself "America's Gateway to the British Isles," the Monarchs page has detailed biographical articles and genealogy trees for all of England and Great Britain's monarchs, from the Dark Ages on. Be sure to read Victoria's while here. The list of rulers is broken down by House, chronologically. Also included is a discussion of legendary British kings, including King Arthur, and Princess Diana.

The British Monarchy: The Official Web site
Ideal for travelers, students of British history, and royal watchers, the official site of the British monarchy contains extensive features on the current Royal Family; illustrated biographies of past royals, dating back to the monarchy's beginning in the Dark Ages; plus guides to the royal residences, the Royal Collection, and a lesson on the complicated rules of succession to the throne, to name but a few. Also found at this site: the online version of Insight magazine, "a monthly guide to the life and work of Britain's Royal Family."

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Queen Victoria: Her Life

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Weintraub, Stanley. Victoria: An Intimate Biography. New York: Dutton, 1987.

Woodham-Smith, Cecil. Queen Victoria: Her Life and Times, Volume 1, 1819-1861. Suffolk, England: Book Club Associates, 1973.

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Queen Victoria: Her Writings and Drawings

Duff, David, ed. Queen Victoria's Highland Journals. Exeter, England: Webb & Bower, 1980.

Hibbert, Christopher. Queen Victoria in Her Letters and Journals. Great Britain: Sutton Publishing, 2000.

Nevill, Barry St. John, ed. Life at the Court of Queen Victoria, 1861-1901: With Selections from the Journals of Queen Victoria. Great Britain: Sutton Publishing, 1997.

Warner, Marina. Queen Victoria's Sketchbook. London: Macmillan London Limited, 1979.

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The Monarchy

Davis, William, ed. Punch and the Monarchy. London: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 1977.

Fraser, Antonia, ed. The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1999.

Wynn Jones, Michael. A Cartoon History of the Monarchy. London: Macmillan London Limited, 1978.

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