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Goodbye, Mr. Chips
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James Hilton

James Hilton Society
The James Hilton Society is dedicated to promoting interest in the life and work of British author James Hilton. The site offers the Society's latest news, a biography, bibliography, and filmography. Users can also become members of the society.

Epping Forest Guardian: Goodbye (again) Mr. Chips
A brief biography of James Hilton from the British newspaper Epping Forest Guardian.

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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

BBC: Radio 4: Front Row: Interview with Martin Clunes
Martin Clunes discusses his role as Mr. Chipping in Goodbye, Mr. Chips on Front Row, Radio 4's daily program on arts, literature, film, media, and music. Listen to the entire interview in RealAudio.

The Greatest Films: Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)
A comprehensive analysis of the 1939 film Goodbye, Mr. Chips, starring Robert Donat who won an Academy award for his portrayal of Mr. Chipping.

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English Boarding Schools

BBC News: Education: Independent Schools
BBC News Online offers a guide to educational systems across Britain. Here is a description of the independent school system. Includes links to articles about British public schools.

The Guardian Unlimited: Education: Schools Special Reports
The Guardian Unlimited created a special report about independent schools in Britain with materials from its archives, including articles about the ongoing debate over public schools vs. state schools. The site also includes recent news about the British public school system.

Boys Preparatory Schools: A Photographic Essay
Boys Preparatory Schools: A Photographic Essay by Patrick Briston and Dennis Weidner depicts every-day life at British preparatory schools. The book includes 250 photographs illustrating school life during the 1980s. Accompanying the photographs are drawings and writings by the students themselves describing their school experiences. Users can view excerpts from the book. A Critical View of British Public Schools
George P. Landow, a professor at the National University of Singapore argues that Britain's first public schools were more concerned with producing gentlemen than preparing graduates for the challenges facing contemporary Britain. Landow gives a brief history of the first public schools. The Victorian Web is produced by the National University of Singapore.

Independent Schools Council
The Independent Schools Council (ISC) represents Britain's 1,300 accredited independent schools and promotes the schools' common interests. The site offers general information on independent schools, more specific information on the majority of public schools in Britain, an archive of news articles, and the Council's publications.

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Hilton, James. Goodbye, Mr. Chips. London: Coronet Books/Hodder & Stoughton, 2001.

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British Boarding Schools

Briston, Patrick and Dennis Weidner. Boys' Preparatory Schools: A Photographic Essay. Washington, DC: Apertures Press, 1990.

Mack, Edward Clarence. Public Schools and British Opinion Since 1860: The Relationship Between Contemporary Ideas and the Evolution of an English Institution. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1971.

Reed, John R. Old School Ties: The Public School in British Literature. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1964.

Walford, Geoffrey. British Public Schools: Policy and Practice. Taylor & Francis, 1984.

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