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Goodbye, Mr. Chips
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School Issues

Investigate a subtopic of the overall topic "school" that interests you. You might choose something that Goodbye, Mr. Chips made you think of, or something that writing about your own life or studying other school stories made you wonder about.

The chart below suggests what to research, how to research it, and ways to present what you find. You can mix and match the columns, or choose several ideas from different columns. For example, you might choose to investigate standardized testing in your area by looking at historical documents and statistics, then conducting interviews; you could then present your research in the form of a newspaper story. You could create a photo essay on the subject of school cliques done through site visits to a number of schools. Or you could do an inquiry into the topic of school violence by beginning with the newspaper stories and editorials written as a result of the Columbine massacre and other tragedies; you could then write an editorial for your own school newspaper about how to prevent a future occurrence.

School Issues Chart
Possible Topics Investigation Methods Presentation Ideas
bilingual education conduct interviews autobiographical essay
boarding schools create and administer surveys brochure
bullying find current and historical newspaper stories editorial
newspaper story
cliques investigate local history personal or persuasive essay
history of public schools in your area listen to or get transcripts of radio shows play or performance
home schooling make site visits to schools or classrooms video documentary
homework read classic fiction or nonfiction play or performance
public vs. private schools read historical documents movie script
religious education search the Internet cartoon strip or political cartoon
same-sex schools study visual arts created on the topic photo essay
school dropouts watch documentaries or other films debate
school violence   letter to school governing board
standardized testing data sheet
teacher education   presentation to school board
teaching methods   report
the immigrant experience in school   short story
theories on how we learn   satire or parody
uniforms   board game
sexual orientation in schools   poem
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