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Goodbye, Mr. Chips
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School Memories

  1. What is learning? How do you learn best? Think about times, both in and out of school and at any age, when you've learned a great deal. What made these occasions such rich experiences? What conclusions can you draw, if any, about "formal" learning (in school) vs. "informal" learning through other kinds of life experiences?

  2. Create a timeline of your school experiences, both good and bad, extending as far back as you can remember. Make sure to include important events from your social life in school as well as your academic life. Then choose something from your timeline to write about in more depth. How universal do you believe your own "school story" is? Why?

  3. In small groups, write a "we remember" list poem about school. To do this, together choose a particular grade or time period to focus on (middle school, first grade, elementary school, etc.). Then begin compiling as many specific, telling details about that period as you can, with each group member contributing memories and one member acting as scribe. (For example, "I remember the yellow bus we had to take to second grade and how no one wanted to sit in the front by the grouchy bus driver.") Finally, shape your memories into a "list poem" in which everyone's contributions are mixed together, with a title reflecting the chosen year or era. Each line might begin "I remember" or "We remember." When all groups have read their poems, discuss which aspects of "school" seem to be universal.

  4. Design your ideal school. Include drawings of the physical plant, as well as descriptions of curriculum, teachers, the student body, extracurricular offerings, or any other details that would make this place special.

  5. The headmaster who first meets Chips tells him that "here at Brookfield we believe in giving the 'second chance.'" Write about a "second chance" you have been offered (in or out of school), and how it affected your life.

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