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The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard      TV PG
Airing Sundays, October 21 - November 18, 2007 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Horrocks is perfect...
-- The Scotsman

Thanks to a combination of Sally Wainwright's cracking dialogue, and sincere, grounded performances from the entire cast, The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard invite(s) us to suspend just enough disbelief to be carried along by the story...
-- The Stage

What happens when a perky supermarket manager from West Yorkshire finds herself at the head of a political movement that sweeps her into office as Britain's new prime minister? For starters, how about moving England's capital, demoting the queen, and doing something about global warming?

Jane Horrocks (Life Is Sweet, Little Voice) stars as Ros Pritchard, a perfect boss and attentive mother hen to her workers at Greengages Superstore in rural Eatanswill. Ros is so frustrated with the state of politics and the caliber of politicians that she runs for election herself, determined to make a point. And what starts as a bit of a joke gathers momentum, with even a couple of heavyweight politicians defecting to her side.

In no time, she is leading a feminist revolution in British politics, with like-minded women all over the country following her example to run for Parliament as part of the new Purple Democratic Alliance. She's a breath of fresh air: she speaks the language people have wanted to hear for so very long. The country, previously apathetic in the face of the options available, turn out in their millions and elect Mrs. Pritchard in on a landslide. Which is where her problems really begin.

Sally Wainwright, writer and creator of the five-part series admits that "During the last election, I found that I didn't really want to vote for anybody -- because they all seemed as bad as each other. I thought it would be great fun to write an epic story with a central character who was prepared to stand up and point this out."

"Mrs. Pritchard is bold enough -- or some may say daft enough -- to stand for Parliament on the assumption that she can do just as badly as any of them, but at least she will be honest."

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