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You thought Gordon Brown was the new British prime minister? Try Ros Pritchard, supermarket manager turned political phenomenon. In this modern fable, Jane Horrocks (Little Voice, Absolutely Fabulous) stars as a working mother of two who captures the votes of a disillusioned electorate and then spectacularly rises to the occasion.

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Episode 1
Mrs. Ros Pritchard is the successful manger of Greengages Supermarket in Eatanswill. When a couple of local politicians make a spectacle of themselves outside her shop, Ros decides to stand for election herself -- just to prove she could do better. Supported (reluctantly) by her husband Ian and daughters, Emily and Georgina, she begins her campaign, inspiring other women to follow her lead and stand on the same platform. Even the formidable Catherine Walker, the Tory Party Shadow Health Minister is won over by Ros' charms and defects to her Purple Alliance Party.

Meanwhile, Emily manages to break up a wedding and Ian's antics at a work Christmas party nine years previously are plastered all over the papers. Ros' story grips the nation and eight weeks later no one is more surprised than Ros herself, when she wins the General Election and becomes the next Prime Minister. Having been elected as Prime Minister, Ros realizes there has been a terrible mistake. She knows nothing about politics, so how can she possibly run the country? Even her husband Ian thinks she's proved her point and should now step down.

While the Queen tries to persuade Ros to stay, her supporters, Miranda and Catherine try to put together a cabinet without knowing anything about its potential members. Ros' first few days in office are a whirlwind of meetings and decisions which leave her family feeling neglected. When Ros has to call the wives of British soldiers who have been murdered in the line of duty, she realizes for the first time how tough the job is really going to be.

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Episode 2
Ros is on the verge of invoking an Act of Parliament to push through her Reform Bill which lays out a plan to move Parliament from Westminster to Bradford. The country waits with bated breath but Ros can't seem to make her mind up; she just doesn't quite have the courage yet. Ros struggles to find the words to tell a visiting African President that his family has been assassinated. His dignity and strength inspire her to push on with her Reform Bill. Catherine ends up in bed with Ben, a young policy advisor. She is appalled when he tells her he's in love with her. Emily poses for a men's magazine and soon has her naked image projected onto the Houses of Parliament. She retreats home to Eatanswill with Ian to lick her wounds and buy a fancy car with her earnings. Georgina's school life improves when she gets a boyfriend. Ian blurts out his money laundering secret to Emily.

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Episode 3
Twelve months have passed since Ros became Prime Minister. She is now a confident and slick leader who knows how to handle a crisis. That is until a plane crashes over East London. Racial tension escalates as the country assumes it was a terrorist attack. Emily is terrified that her Dad will end up in prison for money laundering, or even worse that her Mum will find out. Miranda discovers Emily has dropped out of University and asks Kitty to offer her a job to stop her from telling Ros about Ian's criminal past. Beverley is threatened by a newspaper editor who has photographs of her stumbling drunkenly out of a bar.

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Episode 4
Frustrated by inaction on global warming, Ros commits Britain to banning inessential car traffic one day a week. Uproar ensures and she must use all her political skill to make the policy work. On other fronts, Ros's hard-driving unmarried Chancellor, Catherine, begins to look at Ben differently when she has a pregnancy scare, and Ros finds out that Hilary was the one who leaked information to an unauthorized biographer.

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Episode 5
Ros has finally learned about Ian's secret money laundering past. Will she keep her promise to never lie to the people or will she choose to keep her job and keep quiet? Has power corrupted Ros Pritchard? The temptation to hide her husband's past criminality tears at her conscience -- as does a move to blackmail her for a lucrative government contract. Should she resign, divorce, play the game? She turns to Catherine for advice who is in her own state of turmoil over disintegrating love affair with Ben.

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