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The British Electoral Process

United Kingdom Parliament
The official Web site of the UK Parliament provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the British government from the workings of Parliament and it's history to the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Other resources include the latest news and issues, an A-Z Index and a glossary.

About Parliament: Elections
Browse these pages for information specific to parliamentary elections, including general elections, by-elections, and parliamentary constituencies.

Explore Parliament
The Parliamentary Education Service sponsors Explore Parliament, the UK's educational Web site for students and educators. Examine features and interactive games to learn about Parliament and it's history, how laws are made, and the election process.

The Electoral Commission
The Electoral Commission is an independent and non-partisan group set up by the UK Parliament. Its aim is to promote public confidence and awareness in the electoral process -- and encourage people to take part -- by providing guidance and advice on all electoral matters. The Commission is also responsible for maintaining the register of political parties. Details of all political parties registered in Great Britain and Northern Ireland at local, national, regional and European levels can be found here.

Electoral Reform Society
The Electoral Reform Society is a membership organization that campaigns for the improvement of British democracy through changes to the voting system and electoral process. Included on the site is a detailed explanation of the electoral system in Britain.

ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network provides information on electoral systems for election-related professionals. The site offers an encyclopedia, country data, electoral materials, and electoral advice. Learn more about the United Kingdom electoral system by visiting the following links:

Regions and Countries: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Electoral Materials: United Kingdom

Hansard Society
The Hansard Society is a long-established independent and non-partisan educational charity whose mission is to educate people about parliamentary democracy and how it works, strengthen the democratic process, and encourage participation.

BBC News: Election 2007
Get the latest news coverage and results from the BBC on this year's elections, including the Scottish, the Welsh Assembly, and local British elections.

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The Prime Minister

10 Downing Street
Take a virtual tour of the residence and offices of the British Prime Minister at the official Web site of 10 Downing Street. The site allows viewers to delve into details about the current prime minister, including a biography, full transcripts of speeches, and current topics of concern. Click on 'Government' for a comprehensive explanation of the structure and functions of the British government. News, photo galleries, press briefings, and an archive of web-chats can be found in the Newsroom. The site also offers podcasts, a video and audio archive, a history of past Prime Ministers, and mini-site for students. United Kingdom: Principal Ministers: 1730-2007
Scroll through a clickable list of UK Prime Ministers from 1730-2007. Each individual has a biographical page complete with a photo or portrait. is a non-commercial and educational Web site, providing analysis of historical offices and figures as well as various organizations whether religious, international or political in nature.

BBC History: Prime Ministers and Politics Timeline
This interactive timeline gives viewers an absorbing way to experience changes over time in the British political landscape, and the prime ministers who made their mark on it. Links are also available to articles, related interactive content and pages about selected historic figures such as Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

Directgov: Guide to Government: The Government and Prime Minister
Dedicated to providing a thorough compilation of public service information and services, the Central Office of Information in the UK offers this 'Guide to Government', which examines the role of a UK Prime Minister and covers topics such as parliamentary privilege, law making in the UK Parliament, standards in public life, voting rights and the origins of Parliament.

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The British Electoral Process

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The Prime Minister

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