My Boy Jack Cattrall on Kipling


Preparing for the role of Carrie Kipling
It was so fascinating to play someone who had actually walked the earth because as an actor, you know, you are put into so many given circumstances. But I felt a tremendous responsibility to Carrie Kipling, and I also wanted to understand what made her tick. One of the first books that I read about her was called The Hated Wife and I thought, why did everyone not like her? Why was she not trusted? And what I discovered through reading a lot of books, mostly biographies of the family and Kipling himself...I started to understand, really, what made Carrie as protective as she was, and why she shut down the rest of the world so he, this amazing literary genius, could do what he needed to do which was create these fabulous worlds and characters. So, for me it was also fascinating to go to Bateman's, where we actually shot most of the film, the exteriors, and also to go to where they lived in America, because they lived in America for almost ten years, off and on...and this beautiful house, and to actually spend the night there. I remember taking a bath in Kipling's bathtub and thinking, I hope he doesn't mind! And also being a little bit nervous about the fact that you were basically walking in the footsteps of this amazing genius. So I really started to empathize with this woman who had to deal with the death of two of her three children, and how she was so fiercely protective of the man that she loved and the life that they had.

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