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My Family and Other Animals
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Gerald Durrell and Conservation

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Based at the Jersey Zoo on the English Channel Islands, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is dedicated to saving animal species from extinction worldwide. Detailed descriptions of endangered mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians are available, while the Conservation Education division maintains an animal management program, presenting first-hand experiences with species conservation. Visit the "zoo that's not a zoo," get up to date with the latest environmental news and learn about becoming a conservationist.

The Ark Gallery
The Ark Gallery showcases amateur photographs of the world's most endangered species. This online exhibit includes photos taken at the Jersey Zoo, part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and is accompanied by Gerald Durrell quotes and links to important excerpts from his major books.

Wildlife Trust
Founded in 1971 by Gerald Durrell, Wildlife Trust works worldwide with local conservation scientists to protect threatened species from extinction and to preserve biodiversity. The site includes an archive of online Wildlife Trust magazine articles, field news from around the world and information about global programs and projects.

The Wild Ones: The Children's Education Program of Wildlife Trust
Designed for teachers as well as kids, The Wild Ones Web site offers an exciting look at natural history and the environment. Learn about 'bioscapes,' peruse artwork of endangered species, read a biography of Gerald Durrell, and meet people who work as conservation professionals all over the world. For teachers, curriculum ideas and resources are provided to facilitate use of the site in the classroom.

Gerald Durrell -- Animal Collector, Conservationist and Author
This biography of Gerald Durrell outlines the phases of his life from his early years in India to the opening of the Jersey Zoo and life with his second wife Lee McGeorge. From the BBC's extensive web pages, h2g2 is an encyclopedic project comprised of online entries written by people all over the world.

The Friend of All Animals
The 'friend of all animals' is, of course, Gerald Durrell and this is a biographical account of the writer/conservationist by John Orr of the online magazine Triviana. Details of his unconventional family life as well as several archival photographs and quotes are included.

A Good Ear for Science: Quiz
Gerald Durrell voices his opinion on zoos. Listen to the clip in RealAudio. From the archives of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The New York Times: Animal House
This 1999 New York Times review of Douglas Botting's Gerald Durrell: The Authorized Biography, underscores some fascinating moments of Gerald Durrell's life, but doesn't exclude what writer Richard Conniff sees as shortfalls of the biography. An excerpt from a love letter written by Durrell as well as some of his enterprising fundraising schemes are a few highlights. A link is also provided to the compelling first chapter of Botting's biography of Gerald Durrell. The New York Times requires free registration to access its archives.

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Prefecture of Corfu
This interactive map of Corfu shows locations of museums, archaeological and Byzantine sites, and monuments built after 1830. There are plenty of photos and detailed information about each place of interest. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Corfu, Greece
An overview of the geography, climate, wildlife, history and culinary highlights of the Greek isle of Corfu. From the BBC's extensive web pages, h2g2 is an encyclopedic project comprised of online entries written by people all over the world.

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The American Society of Naturalists
The American Society of Naturalists hopes to advance the understanding of biological sciences. Link to free e-articles from the journal The American Naturalist, review announcements and information about meetings by this renowned Society, founded in 1867.

The British Naturalists' Association
One of Britain's oldest natural history organizations, The British Naturalists' Association, founded in 1905, promotes the study of all branches of natural history. The Association publishes Country-Side magazine and organizes lectures, exhibitions field studies and more. The site offers "Quick Guides to Easily Confusable Species," information about projects, upcoming competitions, ways to get involved in the BNA and more.

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
"An international nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting biological diversity through invertebrate conservation," the Xerces Society, founded in 1971, works with scientists, land managers, educators, and citizens on conservation and education projects. Check out their programs and campaigns and learn about insects of all shapes and sizes.

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About Gerald Durrell

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Hughes, David. Himself & Other Animals: a Portrait of Gerald Durrell. London: Hutchinson, 1997.

Whitley, Edward. Gerald Durrell's Army. London: Pan Macmillan, 1993.

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Jervis-White-Jervis, Henry. History of the Island of Corfu and of the Republic of the Ionian Islands. Elibron Classics, 2005.

Tennant, Emma. A House in Corfu: A Family's Sojourn in Greece. New York, New York: Owl Books, 2003.

Tennant, Emma. Corfu Banquet: A Memoir With Seasonal Recipes. West Sussex: Summersdale Publishers Ltd., 2004

Waller, John. Greek Walls: An Odyssey in Corfu. Gardners Books, 2004.

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Baker, Nick. Amateur Naturalist. Hanover, Pennsylvania: National Geographic, 2005.

Benton, Allen H. To Walk in Beauty: The Way of the Naturalist. New York, New York: YBK Publishers, 2005.

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Williams, Ernest H. The Nature Handbook: A Guide to Observing the Great Outdoors. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2005.

Wilson, E. O. Naturalist. New York, New York: Warner Books, 1995.

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