Northanger Abbey Novel to Film

From the film directed by Jon Jones

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Excerpted from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, Volume II, Chapter 15.

They began their walk, and Mrs. Morland was not entirely mistaken in [Henry's] object in wishing it. Some explanation on his father's account he had to give; but his first purpose was to explain himself, and before they reached Mr. Allen's ground he had done it so well, that Catherine did not think it would ever be repeated too often. She was assured of his affection; and that heart in return was solicited, which, perhaps, they pretty equally knew was already entirely his own.


From the screenplay by Andrew Davies


Catherine and Henry turn and begin speaking almost at once.

CATHERINE: I am so ashamed of what I said-what I thought-however badly you think of me I deserve it —

HENRY: No — no —it is I should apologize — nothing you said or thought could justify the way you have been treated —

CATHERINE: But you were angry with me, and rightly so —

HENRY: I was angry with you — but that is long past. Your imagination might be overactive — but your instinct was true. Our mother did suffer grievously, and at the hands of our father. There are more ways of breaking a woman's spirit than starving her or locking her in an attic. You remember — I spoke of a kind of vampirism?


HENRY: Perhaps it was stupid of me to express it so — but we did watch him drain the life out of her with his coldness and cruelty. He married her for her money, you see — she thought it was for love. It was a long time before she knew his heart was cold. No vampires, no blood: the worst crimes are crimes of the heart.

CATHERINE: But it was stupid and wicked of me to imagine such terrible things as I did.

Her girlish earnestness makes him smile.

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