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 Olivers London [imagemap with 9 links]

Oliver's London is an interactive map that will introduce you to the journey that Oliver took in his adventures throughout the city.

Greenwood's map of London
Courtesy Mark Annand and Bath Spa University College.

Interactive Flash version of "Oliver's London" [300K]
Flash 4 plugin required. You can download the free
Flash plugin from Macromedia's Web site.

Text version of "Oliver's London"

How the map is organized:

Screen capture of Interactive Oliver's London
This abstract map of London indicates the growth of the city during the 1800s. Each square corresponds to a location listed in the center column.

Screen capture of Interactive Oliver's London
The top square shows a detail from Greenwood's map of London, a high-resolution map published from a survey conducted from 1825 to 1827. Click on the Greenwood map for a larger view.

The bottom block lists, in chronological order, the specific places where Oliver traveled. As you roll your mouse down the list, you'll see the locations illuminate on the London map to the left. Click on a place name, and more information will appear in the right-hand column.

Screen capture of Interactive Oliver's London
This column offers an illustration of the location, an excerpt from Oliver Twist in which the location is mentioned and an explanation of the story's event/s at that location. Be sure to click through all the pages as indicated.

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