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Oliver Twist   in the Classroom

Using This Web Site
Save time by reading these summaries of the Web features and strategies for using them with your students.

Teaching Oliver Twist
Use this online teacher's guide to find discussion and activity suggestions for using the Oliver Twist programs.

Teaching Dickens as a Serial Publication
Read this article by a high school English teacher to learn his experience teaching Great Expectations as it was published -- one episode per week throughout the year.

Printed Teacher's Guide
Order a free copy of the Oliver Twist teacher's guide and get on our mailing list to automatically receive upcoming teacher's guides to other Masterpiece Theatre productions.

Other Web-Based Resources
Visit this annotated list of Dickens-related Web sites to find resources for both teachers and students.

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Off-Air Taping Rights
Educators can tape Oliver Twist off the air and use it in the classroom for one year after broadcast.

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