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Other Web-Based Resources

The Web site for Oliver Twist provides extensive resources for both you and your students. The following are suggestions for some additional sites that you may want to visit, either to support your teaching of Oliver Twist and other Dickens or Victorian novels, or as support for student research assignments.

Synopsis of Oliver Twist
If your students are not reading Oliver Twist, you may want to share with them this plot summary to help them better understand the changes made by the screenwriter.

Charles Dickens
This vast array of Dickens-related material -- his life, family, work, homes, and more -- was compiled by a Finnish scholar.

Charles Dickens's Gad's Hill Place This eclectic Web site provides information about Dickens's home, Gad's Hill, as well as daily quotes, biographical information, crossword puzzles and character matches, online texts, and more.

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page
Compiled by a Dickens enthusiast, this site includes information about his work, illustrations, maps, a timeline, Dickens in America, Web links, and an alphabetical list of characters from Dickens's works.

Imaging Victorian England
This Web site provides detailed descriptions of Dickens's London, with details about how it relates to his life and work. Among the images is a bottle of Warren Blacking Polish.

The Peel Web
Named for Sir Robert Peel, a key Dickens-era reform legislator, the Peel Web provides important historical context, including information about political organizations, popular movements such as Chartism and trade unions, and economic affairs such as the Anti-Corn Law League and the Poor Law. Includes many primary source documents.

The Victorian Web
The Victorian Web offers varied information on the Victorian era, including political and social history, authors, technology, philosophy, religion, science, visual arts, design, and more.

Victorian Serial Publishing
This student paper gives detailed information about serial publishing, the reasons behind it, and the effects on plot and the publishing industry.

The Poor Laws of England
Excerpted from Henry Hazlitt's 1973 book, Conquest of Poverty, this chapter provides a lot of information about the Poor Laws, including extensive excerpts from the 1832 Commission Report.

The Victorian Poorhouse
This article describes the realities and conditions in Victorian poorhouses.

Graphic Organizers
These sites provide examples of a number of graphic organizers for classroom use.

Web-based Teacher's Guides
These "cyberguides" from SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Educators) offer teacher's guides for a range of ages and literary works based on California's language arts content standards. Guides for other subjects are available at the home page:

The Elements of Style
If you think your students are more likely to look at Web resources than book-based ones, here's an online version of The Elements of Style to help them improve their writing skills.

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