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An Interview with Andrew Davies
The scriptwriter's modern retelling is set in New Scotland Yard and has all the Bard's wit, romance, pity, and terror -- and then some.

I've always had a problem with [Shakespeare's] Othello because he never seems to listen to anyone except Iago. When in doubt, he goes into a long boast about things he's done in the past. He's full of windy bombast, in fact, although you do feel sorry for the poor bugger. I wanted to cut down on that, make him more of a man of action than a man of words.

An Interview with Eamonn Walker
The actor began his career as a dancer, but when a leg operation forced him to give it up, he turned to his second love.

When Shakespeare wrote, he wrote for the people. I know he got commissioned by kings and queens, but he also actually was writing plays for people to go and see, to take them on a journey of recognition so that they could see themselves within the characters on the stage. We as actors and theater companies and film companies have forgotten that.

In Search of Shakespeare
Follow our intrepid quest to England to find the spirit of the Bard on his home turf.

There are people -- we've heard of them -- who truly love these plays, who perform them again and again, who set them in Brazil, during the '60s, aboard submarines. There are people who continue to breathe new life into this long-dead man's work and who, surprisingly, succeed. People travel to England from around the globe to walk the streets of his cities: Stratford, his home; and London, where his career was made. There is no Blarney Stone to kiss for the gift of gab, no Buddha's belly to rub for luck, no holy original manuscripts to kneel before. Still they come. Who are they, and why do they care?

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