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Internet Shakespeare Editions: Othello
The 1623 First Folio edition of Othello differs significantly from the 1622 publication of the First Quarto by over 170 lines and many individual words. Draft versions of both texts are available for comparison at Internet Shakespeare Editions.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Othello
Read the etext of Othello or choose from among Shakespeare's other 36 plays at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the Web's oldest edition of Shakespeare's complete works. Online since 1993, this resource is hosted by The Tech, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's largest student newspaper (and one of the first 100 Web sites). Plays are divided by scene or are available in one complete HTML page.

Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare: Othello
Sibling authors Charles and Mary Lamb were commissioned by a children's bookseller in 1807 to adapt 20 of Shakespeare's plays to prose. By contemporizing the language, they sought to make the drama of each story accessible and interesting to a young audience. Here, read their rendition of Othello.

The Literary Encyclopedia & Literary Dictionary: Othello
For a plot synopsis of Othello and its historical background, visit the Literary Encyclopedia and Literary Dictionary, which are written and maintained by a global network of distinguished scholars. Their mission is to create an electronic publication that allows readers to explore the social and cultural contexts of literature.

Shakespearean Tragedy by A. C. Bradley: Othello criticism
A.C. Bradley published a collection of critical lectures on Shakespeare in 1904, entitled Shakespearean Tragedy. An excerpt about Othello is reprinted here.

Examining Shakespearean Tragedy
Ever wonder what makes Shakespearean tragedies unique? Joel Littauer, a former English teacher in The Los Angeles Unified School District, asks you to consider the effect Shakespeare's tragic endings -- including Othello's -- had on his audience, and contrasts elements of Greek and Shakespearean tragedies.

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Othello in Film

Boston Review: Alan Stone on Shakespeare's Othello
Originally published in the April/May 1996 issue of Boston Review, critic Alan Stone discusses Othello's rich history of stage and film interpretation while reviewing Oliver Parker's 1995 version, starring Laurence Fishburne as the first black actor to play the title role on screen.

Inspector Moor
Daniel Rosenthal, author of Shakespeare on Screen and columnist for The Observer, discusses how Masterpiece Theatre's modernized "variant" of Othello came to be and the next great trend in adapting Shakespeare to the screen.

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The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust was established in 1847 to preserve the newly acquired property as a national monument. Photographs and blueprints accompany histories of the five houses that are part of the trust today: the birthplace, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Hall's Croft, Mary Arden's House, and Nash's House & New Place. Their hours of operation and admission fees are listed in the Visitor Information section. Read about Stratford-upon-Avon as Shakespeare would have known the town is profiled in the About Shakespeare section.

Welcome to Shakespeare's Stratford
Planning your own trip to the bard's birthplace? This guide to attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and more about the Stratford-upon-Avon community and the heart of England will prove a valuable resource.

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