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Shakespeare + More [imagemap with 9 links]

Shakespeare... and more at Masterpiece Theatre Online

In addition to Othello, several other Shakespeare titles have appeared on Masterpiece Theatre over the years and many resources relating to these plays are available at Masterpiece Theatre Online. The following links access a variety of features designed to enhance your appreciation of the Bard.

The Merchant of Venice

Essays and Interviews

An Interview with Trevor Nunn : director of the Royal National Theatre

Onstage at the National : a closer look at this hub of British theatre

Shylock and History : intolerance on the world stage

The Shortest Shakespeare, including the 'Othello Rap' : all 37 plays in 97 minutes? Surely they jest!

Who was Shakespeare? : a brief biography

Story Synopsis : a summary

Will's Words : test your skills with this word game!

Who's Who : characters, actors and credits

Links and Bibliography : more about Shakespeare and The Merchant of Venice

Teacher's Guide : extensive resources for teachers and students

King Lear

About the Film : more about this Peabody Award-winning drama

Who's Who : the cast and full credits

A Talk with Ian Holm : an interview with the film's star

Filmography : a catalogue of King Lear on Film

Links and Bibliography : more about King Lear and Shakespearean drama

Teaching Henry V
This extensive learning resource includes a student guide, viewing strategies, an essay on the literary context of Henry V and commentary from actor/director Kenneth Branagh about his 1989 theatrical production.

Much Ado About Nothing
This Kenneth Branagh production, a theatrical adaptation originally released in 1993, features a cast which includes Branagh, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Keaton and Keanu Reeves. This Archive Database entry includes a complete cast list and transcripts of Russell Baker's introduction and concluding remarks.

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