Place of Execution

1963: Alison's body has not been found, but the case now seems devastatingly clear. The chief suspect goes to trial and is convicted of her rape and murder and is hanged despite some suspicions being raised about George's investigative practices.

Modern-day London: Catherine is convinced George Bennett committed no wrongdoing, but she's fired as her boss Keith vows to use her film to expose the famous detective. Desperate to put an end to the secrets in Scardale, Catherine returns to the village one more time.

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Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

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Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

Knowing that her search for answers has been thwarted by George's heart attack, Catherine prepares to leave with daughter Sasha. Her executive producer Keith, who suspects that she has learned the damning truth about George, confronts Catherine — Did George alter evidence to fix the case?

Forced to inquire in new directions, Catherine visits Tommy Clough, the sergeant who worked with George on the case. Clough flatly refuses to get involved until Sasha makes an emotional plea on her mother's behalf.

Returning to 1963, Philip Hawkin's trial commences. George is questioned about his interest in photography but any suggestion that he could have faked the incriminating pictures of Hawkin and Alison is dismissed by the judge and ruled inadmissible.

Under questioning, Hawkin remains adamant — he didn't harm Alison, and is being set up as a scapegoat. The jury, however, disagree, and Hawkin is found guilty of rape and murder and sentenced to hang. He goes to the gallows claiming people have lied and his blood is on their conscience.

In the present day, Catherine hears a firsthand account of the trial from Tommy. Keith, meanwhile, hungry for a sensational story, fires Catherine for shielding George and vows to expose the famous detective for forging evidence.

Catherine begs Tommy to return to Scardale to see Charlie Lomas and his mother Kathy — the only surviving residents from the time of Alison's disappearance. They arrive in Scardale, but are stared down by an angry mob and forced to flee.

The violent confrontation seems to confirm Catherine's suspicions- the angered mob must be hiding something. At the same time, Catherine's own tense relationship with Sasha comes to a head and she promises to put her daughter first in the future.

Catherine returns to the Manor House where Kathy Lomas now works and makes a shocking discovery — Alison Carter is still alive. Carter recounts the story of her disappearance, saying that her mother had decided that she had to leave; it was her only way out.

Ma Lomas had planned it all, taking enough blood to create a convincing crime scene. Kathy Lomas stole the gun, and Ruth hid it in Hawkin's study. One day, Alison went into the woods and walked out on her own life as many from her small village looked on. She was raised in Canada by her aunt under an assumed name, and had only recently returned and been discovered by George.

But hadn't the community conspired to frame an innocent man? Alison claims Hawkin was by no means innocent, and that he had destroyed her life. She offers to show photos, but Catherine is confused believing all the evidence had been burned. Kathy Lomas reveals that Charlie had set fire to the police warehouse, worried that as part of the film the evidence in the case would be tested with new DNA

Alison leads Catherine to a stack of remaining photos that show Hawkin not only with Alison, but other children in the community. And, Alison points out, with one girl that couldn't be identified. With horror, Catherine realizes that she was that one girl, herself photographed by Hawkin at an early age.

Taking the incriminating photos to Keith, Catherine explains that the images are of the children of Scardale with Hawkin. She pauses, and then pulls out a photo of herself with Hawkin. "This story might be over," she tells Keith. But what now? Catherine tells Keith she is putting herself, all of the children of Scardale, in his hands.

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