Hercule Poirot: Series IX: Cat Among the Pigeons

Re-airing August 1, 2010 on PBS   Check local listings

At the esteemed Meabowbank school for girls, Hercule Poirot is helping friend and headmistress Miss Bulstrode pick her successor. With his flawless sense of human nature, Poirot learns that the teachers have more on their mind than mentoring young girls. When a sadistic gym teacher is found dead with a javelin through her heart, the girls get a shocking education in murder, and Poirot is drawn deep into a compelling case involving international espionage, a revolution in a foreign land and a missing princess. As the girls become increasingly hysterical and the teachers more guarded, can Poirot uncover a ruthless killer, the cat among the pigeons? David Suchet reprises his role as the Belgian super sleuth in this adaptation of Agatha Christie's Cat Among the Pigeons.

David Suchet Interview
In an exclusive interview, Suchet reflects on more than 20 years portraying the Belgian super sleuth.

Slideshow: Christie Close Up
Agatha Christie's grandson Mathew Prichard remembers her in words and rare family photos.

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