Hercule Poirot: Series IX: Mrs. McGinty's Dead

Airing June 28, 2009 on PBS   Check local listings

There's no denying that Mrs. McGinty, a cleaning woman, is dead — killed with a blunt object in her home. And, there seems to be no doubt about who did it — James Bentley, her tenant. No doubt, that is, except to the arresting officer, Superintendent Spence, who calls on the analytic Hercule Poirot to reconsider an open-and-shut case. The village of Broadhinny is home to eclectic and seemingly charming residents. Yet, as Poirot politely and insistently digs below the surface, he finds a cadre of characters with unexpected secrets, and unearths two cases from the past with surprisingly contemporary connections to Broadhinny. David Suchet reprises his signature role as the Belgian detective Poirot and Zoë Wanamaker returns as crime novelist Ariadne Oliver in this adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel, Mrs. McGinty's Dead.

David Suchet Interview
In an exclusive interview, Suchet reflects on more than 20 years portraying the Belgian super sleuth.

Slideshow: Christie Close Up
Agatha Christie's grandson Mathew Prichard remembers her in words and rare family photos.

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