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Story Synopsis

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Pollyanna begins with the impish heroine's inauspicious arrival in a veritable Peyton Place of misanthropes (relocated from Eleanor H. Porter's original New England setting to Britain for this UK production). Pollyanna is an orphaned girl who must start a new life with her strict spinster aunt in the sleepy village of Beldingsville in 1913. The wealthy Miss Polly Harrington is less than pleased at the thought of taking in a child to live in her home, but following the death of Pollyanna's beloved father, she is the 11-year-old's only living relative.

Aunt Polly is formal, set in her ways and bitter after years living on her own. Pollyanna, on the other hand, is loving, big hearted and full of life.

Aunt Polly, cold and unwelcoming, instructs the maid to prepare a small, dank attic room for her niece. Despite this, Pollyanna refuses to see any bad in her aunt. When he was alive, her father taught his little girl how to play the 'Glad' game -- finding a silver lining in every cloud. With only Aunt Polly to care for her now and a harsh daily regime of study and no play, Pollyanna has to rely on her Glad game more and more to survive.

Among the locals that Pollyanna encounters are Mrs. Snow, a bed-ridden hypochondriac and the grim-faced loner Mr. Pendleton. The other villagers have long-since written both off, but Pollyanna works her magic and brings out the best in them. Gradually the little girl transforms the inhabitants of the joyless community and even brings love into the life of her aunt.

Tragedy strikes when Pollyanna has a terrible accident which leaves her paralyzed. Suddenly, it is her aunt who has the chance to give something back and to turn her own life around.

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