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Mrs. Snow Mrs. Snow
Pam Ferris

Pollyanna was carrying calf's-foot jelly to Mrs. Snow today. Miss Polly Harrington always sent something to Mrs. Snow once a week. She said she thought that it was her duty, inasmuch as Mrs. Snow was poor, sick, and a member of her church -- it was the duty of all the church members to look out for her, of course. Miss Polly did her duty by Mrs. Snow usually on Thursday afternoons -- not personally, but through Nancy. To-day Pollyanna had begged the privilege, and Nancy had promptly given it to her in accordance with Miss Polly's orders.

-- From Pollyanna, 'Chapter VIII, Pollyanna Pays a Visit'

Actress Pam Ferris was born in 1948 in Hanover, West Germany. She was raised in Wales; her family emigrated to New Zealand when she was 13. In a meteorological coincidence, Ferris is married to actor Roger Frost -- and her Pollyanna role as Mrs. Snow follows one of her best-known roles as Peggy Snow in British television's Where The Heart Is.

Ferris has appeared in several previous Masterpiece Theatre productions including The Turn of the Screw, Our Mutual Friend and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. She appeared as Aunt Marge in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.