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Prime Suspect 2 starts with the unexpected discovery of a corpse in a street that forms part of a largely Afro-Caribbean neighborhood in London. The investigation into the corpse's identity, and how it came to lie in its burial place, is long and complex. DCI Jane Tennison is called upon to use all her powers of ingenuity, courage and compassion in the inquiry. Facing the political disapproval of her colleagues, she refuses to accept stereotypical solutions to complex questions.

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Based on the story by Lynda La Plante, Allan Cubitt wrote the script for Prime Suspect 2: "Obviously, the chance to develop a story at length and present it to such a potentially large audience is a great opportunity for me. The whole process has been a joy from beginning to end and has allowed me to collaborate with the best people around. I can honestly say that the producer, writer, script editor, story editor and director have worked like one person throughout the project and that's a rare enough thing to be worth celebrating as frequently as possible."

In addition to Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison, the cast includes Colin Salmon in his first television role as Detective Bob Oswalde. Salmon sees Oswalde as a driven man, "one with the insight to crack tough cases. He's drawn to Tennison because, although both are outsiders, they are also equals. But the qualities which brought them together ignite conflicts."

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Prime Suspect 2 story synopsis - Plot Revealed Below!

A year after her first murder investigation, DCI Jane Tennison is in top form, having built on the success of her last case and consolidated the hard won respect of her colleagues. She is relaxed and self confident -- sure enough of herself to enjoy scoring points off the devious and ambitious DCI Thorndike while they jointly chair a course in interrogation techniques, but always maintaining her commitment to her work and attention to detail.

Proof of the esteem in which she is now held comes when Detective Superintendent Kernan asks Tennison to head a new murder inquiry. A plum case -- or is it?

The body of a young girl is discovered in a shallow grave in the back garden of a terraced house in a largely Afro-Caribbean neighborhood in London. The case is a difficult one, for the body is badly decomposed, leaving almost no clues to the girl's identity. Tennison's job is made harder by the fact that the investigation is taking place in a community already bubbling with tension and with a history of bad relations with the police. And Tennison has to contend with prejudice and misunderstanding from both the locals and from within her own team. Meanwhile her boss, with one eye on his promotion, is putting the pressure on to get the case solved double quick with minimum fuss.

More than enough for Jane Tennison to contend with -- but these difficulties are nothing compared to the problems she faces when, unexpectedly, her personal and professional worlds collide...

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Cast and credits


DS Oswalde

Colin Salmon

Nelson Fletcher
Mr Viswandha

Dev Sagoo
DC Lillie

Philip Wright
DC Jones

Ian Fitzgibbon
DI Muddyman

Jack Ellis
DI Burkin

Craig Fairbrass
Kid on bike

Cleveland Campbell
Kid's brother

Clint Dyer
DCI Thorndike

Stephen Boxer
D Supt Kernan

John Benfield
Nola Cameron

Corinne Skinner-Carter
Viswandha boy

Jesse Singh

Adrian Schiller
DS Haskons

Richard Hawley
Oscar Bream

David Ryall
Mrs Viswandha

Shireen Shah
DC Rosper

Andrew Tiernan
Jonathan Phelps

Stefan Kalipha
Woman tv reporter

Melanie Sylvester

Burt Caesar
'Leather hat'

T-Bone Wilson
Esme Allen

Claire Benedict
Lady in café

Cynthia Powell
David Allen

Junior Laniyan
Cleo Allen

Ashley James
Tony Allen

Fraser James
Vernon Allen

George Harris
Sarah Allen

Jenny Jules
David Harvey

Tom Watson
Jason Reynolds

Matt Bardock

Michael Fitzgerald
Eileen Reynolds

June Watson

Caroline Loncq


DirectorJohn Strickland

WritersAllan Cubitt
Lynda La Plante (story)

ProducersSally Head
Paul Marcus

CinematographersKen Morgan
David Odd

Film EditorEddie Mansell

Production DesignerChris Truelove

CastingDoreen Jones

MusicStephen Warbeck

Production ManagerDavid Meddick

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What the press said...

The plot, with its black and white herrings, (keeps) you watching, but it is the psychological detail that makes it matter: the artist reconstructing the victim's face from her skull, who points out the muscle she would have used to kiss...
     -- The Independent

Tennison is nearly all repression, which is what, in Mirren's skilled hands, makes her so fascinating: Her emotions don't come at us, we have to lean in and pay attention to grasp her...
     -- New York Newsday

As Tennison, Mirren reaches within her beauty to find a plain-looking woman. She reaches within her Shakespearean training to find a plain-speaking woman. And she reaches within her character's self-doubt to find a soul-saving self-confidence.
     -- Boston Globe

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Emmy Awards 1993
The Peabody Awards 1993
BAFTA Awards 1993
Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1994

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