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Prime Suspect By The Numbers | The Actors on Their Roles

Prime Suspect By The Numbers

1 Prime Suspect 1
Original airdate: 01/23/1992

A story that moves at a cracking pace, sweeping a cast of beautifully observed characters along with it...
-- Sunday Times

DCI Jane Tennison, a skilled, top-class detective, battles to prove herself in a male dominated environment. Sent to investigate a murder, her strength of character and skills as a detective are put to the test as she exposes a cover-up within the force. When a second murder victim is discovered, the inquiry turns into a grisly investigation stretching back over ten years. Also starring Tom Bell, John Bowe, Ralph Fiennes and Zoë Wanamaker.


BAFTA TV Awards 1992
Won, Best Actress, Helen Mirren
Won, Best Film or Video Photography (Fiction), Ken Morgan
Won, Best Film or Video Editor (Fiction), Edward Mansell
Won, Best Drama Serial, Christopher Menaul, Lynda La Plante, Don Leaver

Nominated, Best Actor, Tom Bell
Nominated, Best Actress, Zoë Wanamaker
Nominated, Best Sound (Fiction), Ray French, Brian Saunders, John Rutherford, Paul Griffiths-Davies
Nominated, Best Design, Roy Stonehouse
Nominated, Best Original Television Music, Stephen Warbeck

Banff Television Festival 1992
Won, Grand Prize

Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 1992
Won, Broadcasting Press Guild Award, Best Single Drama
Won, Broadcasting Press Guild Award, Best Actress, Helen Mirren

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1993
Won, Best Television Feature or Miniseries, Lynda La Plante

Royal Television Society, UK 1992
Won, Best Single Drama
Won, Best Writer, Lynda La Plante
Won, Best Actor -- Female, Helen Mirren

Writers' Guild of Great Britain 1992
Nominated, TV -- Drama Serial, Lynda La Plante

2 Prime Suspect 2
Original airdate: 2/11/1993

Tennison is nearly all repression, which is what, in Mirren's skilled hands, makes her so fascinating: Her emotions don't come at us, we have to lean in and pay attention to grasp her...
-- New York Newsday

When a corpse is discovered in an Afro-Caribbean neighborhood of London, the controversial subject of racism in the police force rears its head. Tennison is called in to head a sensitive inquiry into how the corpse came to lie in its burial place. The investigation uncovers a complex web of events and Tennison is required to use her powers of ingenuity, courage and compassion as she faces the political disapproval of her colleagues. Also starring Colin Salmon, Stephen Boxer, Philip Wright, Jack Ellis, Ian Fitzgibbon and Craig Fairbrass.


Emmy Awards 1993
Won, Outstanding Miniseries, Sally Head (executive producer), Paul Marcus (producer)
Nominated, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Special, Helen Mirren

The Peabody Awards 1993
Won, Prime Suspect 2, "...For adroitly intertwining emotional, political, and dramatic themes... a mini-series of unmatched quality and integrity."

BAFTA Awards 1993
Won, Best Actress, Helen Mirren
Nominated, Best Drama Serial, Paul Marcus, Allan Cubitt, John Strickland
Nominated, Best Film/Video Editor (Fiction), Edward Mansell
Nominated, Best Sound (Fiction), Nick Steer, John Rutherford, John Thomas

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1994
Won, Best Television Feature or Miniseries, Allan Cubitt

3 Prime Suspect 3
Original airdate: 4/28/1994

Grippingly suspenseful virtually from the get-go... one of the most absorbing, well-acted, and mercilessly nerve-wracking dramas of the season. 'Sensational' would not be too strong a word.
-- Tom Shales, Washington Post

DCI Tennison has been transferred to a new station and has the new job of 'cleaning up the streets' of Soho. Following a flat fire and the death of rent boy Connie, Tennison takes the team deep into the vice underworld of teenage prostitution, pornography and sickening abuse. Involving corruption and runaway children, this is no ordinary homicide case. Also starring Tom Bell.


Emmy Awards 1994
Won, Outstanding Miniseries, Sally Head (executive producer), Paul Marcus (producer)
Nominated, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Special, Helen Mirren
Nominated, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Miniseries or a Special, Lynda La Plante

Television Critics Association Awards 1994
Won, Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials

BAFTA Awards 1994
Won, Best Drama Serial, Paul Marcus, David Drury, Lynda La Plante
Won, Best Actress, Helen Mirren

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1995
Nominated, Best Television Feature or Miniseries, Lynda La Plante

4 Prime Suspect 4
Original airdate: 10/22/1995

Tighter and grittier than the other three, this one was jam-packed with so much raw energy and high emotion that by the end of it I felt as drained as Helen Mirren looked...
-- Today

Another enthralling series comprising three, two-hour TV movies. The newly promoted Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison is assigned to different stations to spearhead a number of major inquiries. Also starring Joyce Redman, John Benfield, Richard Hawley, Alan Leith, Pip Donaghy.

The Lost Child
After terminating her pregnancy, Tennison is assigned to investigate the death of a baby -- it's clear that this won't be an easy case. The prime suspect, Chris Hughes, a convicted child-molester who has been through therapy, has a warped view of little girls that turns the stomach, yet his counselor claims that he wouldn't have committed this particular crime. If he didn't do it, though, who did?

Inner Circles
When the manager of an exclusive suburban country club is found dead, Tennison's unit is called in to investigate. The obvious culprits are amateur thieves from the local housing project, but Tennison realizes that the crime is beyond their level of sophistication. Instead, a club member, Maria Henry, becomes her prime suspect, but she isn't easy to intimidate, and the only evidence is circumstantial.

The Scent Of Darkness
Jane Tennison was instrumental in the conviction of George Marlow for six brutal murders some four years previously. Now, two more women turn up dead with the same modus operandi. Is this a copycat killer or did Tennison get it wrong? In spite of doubting colleagues and her own suspension, she races against time to find the expected third victim. How did the copycat gain access to confidential information about Marlow's killings unless he was the killer all along?


BAFTA Awards 1996: The Lost Child
Nominated, Best Photography and Lighting (Fiction/Entertainment), David Odd
Nominated, Best Sound (Fiction/Entertainment), Nick Steer, John Rutherford, John Senior, John Whitworth

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1996
Nominated, Best Television Episode, Paul Billing

PGA Golden Laurel Awards 1997
Won, Television Producer of the Year Award/Longform, Sally Head, Rebecca Eaton, Paul Marcus, Brian Park

Emmy Awards 1996: The Scent of Darkness
Won, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Special, Helen Mirren

5 Prime Suspect: Errors of Judgment
Original airdate: 2/9/1997

Prime Suspect 5 adds yet another impressive credit to one of the most impressive series, not to mention outstanding female performances, of the decade... (Here) is Ms. Mirren, giving us once again, and if anything more thumpingly effectively, a Tennison who is tough and vulnerable, uncompromising and sexy. Here is a performance that will loom large in television history books.
-- John J O'Connor, The New York Times

Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison, sent to Manchester, investigates a murder in which a drug runner was shot dead. She soon encounters 'The Street', a corrupt reprobate who rules over the local crime scene. Believing him to be the prime suspect, she soon finds her every move in the investigation is anticipated by the criminal. Also starring John McArdle, David O'Hara, Julia Lane, Steven Mackintosh.


BAFTA Awards 1997
Nominated, Best Actress, Helen Mirren

Emmy Awards 1997
Won, Outstanding Miniseries, Gub Neal (executive producer), Rebecca Eaton (executive producer), Lynn Horsford (producer) Nominated, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Special, Helen Mirren

Golden Satellite Awards 1997
Won, Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television, Helen Mirren

6 Prime Suspect: The Last Witness
Original airdate: 4/18/2004

Let's get it over with, shall we? Prime Suspect 6... (is) the very rarest sort of television... one of the most worthwhile TV experiences of the year and Mirren is, basically, a goddess..."
-- The Observer

Jane Tennison's single-minded determination to win justice for murder victims conflicts sharply with the politics of her high-ranking position. Now promoted to a position where she is overseeing all murder investigations in London, she can't resist taking a hands-on role investigating the brutal torture and murder of a beautiful young Bosnian refugee.

But when her prime suspect turns out to be a "minor" war criminal given a new life in Britain for trading higher profile war criminals, Tennison's quest for justice becomes increasingly complicated. As the case threatens to bring an early end to her career, she faces the stark realization that she has little else left in her life. Also starring Mark Strong, Ben Miles and Robert Pugh.


BAFTA Awards 2004
Nominated, Best Actress, Helen Mirren
Best Drama Serial, David Boulter, Peter Berry, Tom Hooper
Best Editing (Fiction/Entertainment), St John O'Rorke
Best Sound (Fiction/Entertainment), Simon Okin, Ben Baird, Nick Roberts

Emmy Awards 2004
Nominated, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Special, Helen Mirren
Nominated, Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special, Tom Hooper
Outstanding Miniseries, Rebecca Eaton (executive producer), Andy Harries (executive producer), David Boulter (producer)

Royal Television Society, UK 2004
Nominated, Best Make Up Design, Drama

Television Critics Association Awards 2004
Nominated, Outstanding Movie, Mini Series, or Special

Satellite Awards 2005
Nominated, Best Actress in a Mini Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television, Helen Mirren Nominated, Best Mini Series.

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 2005
Nominated, Edgar Award, Best Television Feature or Mini-Series Teleplay, Peter Berry.

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