Mr. Selfridge, Season 1

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Harry Gordon Selfridge

Harry Gordon Selfridge

Founder, Selfridges Department Store

Chicago native Harry Gordon Selfridge, a self-made retail entrepreneur brimming with confidence and chutzpah, arrives in London in 1906 ready to transform shopping with the most ambitious department store the world has ever seen. But he doesn't leave his vices, or his demons, at home. Despite his deep love for his wife Rose and their children, and the support of his mother, Harry is vulnerable to the charms of showgirls and the pull of gambling.

Charming those around him with boundless creativity and energy, Harry inspires admiration and loyalty from his staff. But the same energy that inspires can sometimes prove slightly manic, impairing his usually spot-on judgment or depleting him to the brink of despair. At the root of his prodigious appetite for both pleasure and self-destruction lies a deeply buried family secret. Whether he can overcome it remains to be seen.