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A Thrice-Told Tale
First in print, then twice on screen, The Railway Children has cast its spell across a century of generations.

Originally published in 1906, The Railway Children has never been out of print, but most adults familiar with the tale today probably remember it best from the famous 1970 movie in which Jenny Agutter gave an unforgettable performance as the eldest daughter, Roberta (Bobbie).... Now, 30 years later, Agutter returns to give an equally touching and compelling performance as Roberta's mother in a new and equally distinguished version of the tale....

A Woman Between Worlds
Edith Nesbit lived a life far more complex than her stories suggest.

Nesbit's father died when she was four, and she spent much of her childhood quite uprooted. As an adult, too, her family life was anything but ordinary. She wrote to help support an extended family, which included her husband, his mistress, and their combined six children.

A Talk with Jenny Agutter
The star of both productions talks candidly about the differences between the two, about Edith Nesbit, and about the place of The Railway Children in her life.

Seeing Jemima Rooper, aged 17, playing Roberta, I am reminded of myself at that age. I remember how much I enjoyed the filmmaking," Agutter muses. "[But] Jemima is a modern young woman.... She has created a different Roberta....

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