A Room With A View Cast, Production Credits, Web Credits


Lucy Honeychurch
Elaine Cassidy
Cecil Vyse
Laurence Fox
George Emerson
Rafe Spall
Charlotte Bartlett
Sophie Thompson
Mr. Beebe
Mark Williams
Mr. Emerson
Timothy Spall
Miss Lavish
Sinead Cusack
Mrs. Honeychurch
Elizabeth McGovern
Mr. Eager
Timothy West
Freddy Honeychurch
Tag Stewart
Mrs. Vyse
Christine Kavanagh
Yari Gugliucci
Miss Alan
Sheila Reid
Paulo Malco
Signora Bertolini
Gilda Gradi
Paolo's "sister"
Alice Bachi
Young man
Paolo Antonioni

Production Credits

Based on the book by
E.M. Forster
Screenplay by
Andrew Davies
Gabriel Yared
Produced by
Eileen Quinn
Dave Edwards
Directed by
Nicholas Renton
Casting Directors
Kate Day
Beatrice Kruger (Italy)
Stunt Co-ordinator
Stefano Mioni
Piano Consultant
Tanya Ursova
Voice Coach
Joan Washington
Italian Production Services provided by
Panorama Films
Art Directors
Rebecca Harvey
Sabino D'Oronzo (Italy)
Standby Art Director
Jo Sweeney
Assistant Art Director
Francesco Givone (Italy)
Props Buyer
Mike Smith
Props Master
Dave Ackrill
Standby Props
Garry Dawson
Eddie Baker
Dressing Props
Peter Potter
Bob Elton
Stills Photographer
Sophie Molins
Richard Davies
Simon Thorpe
Focus Pullers
Oliver Loncraine
Ian Coffey
Clapper Loaders
Kate Filby
Alessandra Sangermano
Boom Operator
Jason Devlin
Ian Barwick
Best Boy
Dan Thomas
Tony Allen
Andy Purdey
Standby Carpenter
Vince Ball
First Assistant Director
Chris Dando
Second Assistant Directors
Beth Elliott
Federica Durigon (Italy)
Third Assistant Director
Nick Hopkins
Script Supervisor
Jane Houston
Production Accountant
Robert McDonald
Production Co-ordinators
Vicki Johnson
Mona Bernal (Italy)
Assistant Co-ordinator
Donna Mabey
Production Runner
Gemma Whelan
Location Managers
Robin Pim
Anna Nicolosi (Italy)
Assistant Location Manager
Fabio Turchi (Italy)
Unit Managers
Mohamed Bounechada
Robin Melville (Italy)
Alex Schumacher (Italy)
Production Lawyers
Richard Lever
Andrew Sturcke
Assistant Costume Designer
Nelle Ormrod
Costume Assistants
Harriet Edmonds
Michael Weldon
Make Up Supervisor
Lois McIntosh
Make Up Artist
Jessica Brooks
Vince Narduzzo
Online Editor
Andy Roberts
Dialogue Editor
Darren McQuade
Fx Editor
Tony Gibson
Dubbing Mixer
Billy Mahoney
Camera Operator
Sean Savage
Sound Recordist
Steven Phillips
Hair & Make Up Designer
Karen Hartley-Thomas
Costume Designer
Frances Tempest
Kevin Lester
Production Designer
Jim Grant
Director of Photography
Alan Almond
Line Producers
David Mason
Fabiomassimo Dell'Orco (Italy)
Executive Producer for IWC
Sue Oriel
Executive Producer for WGBH
Rebecca Eaton
Worldwide Sales and Distribution
RDF Rights
A co-production with
Ingenious Broadcasting

An IWC / WGBH Boston Co-production
© 2007 Monogram Productions Limited and Ingenious Broadcasting LLP


Senior Post Production Director
Erin Delaney
Business Manager
Deb Gibbs
Writer/Senior Editor
Kathleen Cahill
Office Coordinator
Duy Nguyen
Production Assistant
Tsering Yangzom
Online Editor
Spencer Gentry
Visual Effects/Sound Design
Paul Sanni
Series Graphics
Prologue, Kyle Cooper
Series Theme
Man Made Music
Ellen Dockser
Olivia Wong
Senior Producer
Susanne Simpson
Senior Producer
Steven Ashley
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton

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A Room With a View Web Credits

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl
Senior Designer
Sonali Patel
Senior Developer
Molly Frey
Production Assistance
Anna Fort
Marisa Nopakun

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