Home Fires: The Final Season, Grantchester, Poldark and more!  2017 promises to be an exceptional year for MASTERPIECE. See what is coming up on our national broadcast schedule below, and check back for upcoming airing information, updated frequently. Make sure to consult your local station listings for more detailed information about MASTERPIECE broadcasts in your area.


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Apr 16 | 9:00PM ET

Home Fires, Season 2: Episode 3

As the Battle of Britain intensifies, the women must do all they can to keep spirits high. Joyce gives Sarah some unwelcome advice, Pat's secret is discovered, Stan's behavior worries Steph, and Frances learns a devastating truth.

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Apr 16 | 10:00PM ET

Wolf Hall, Episode 3

It falls to Thomas Cromwell to orchestrate a marriage between the King and Anne Boleyn. Cromwell is rewarded for his loyalty by the King, but he is being closely watched by his enemies.

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Apr 23 | 9:00PM ET

Home Fires, Season 2: Episode 4

The Campbells get good news, Joyce unexpectedly joins forces with Erica, Alison may be in over hear head, and the Brindsleys’ happiness is marred by a disturbing discovery. Can Teresa throw off her old life for a chance at a sort of happiness?

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Apr 23 | 10:00PM ET

Wolf Hall, Episode 4

Anne gives birth to a baby girl, failing to produce Henry’s longed for male heir. Cromwell requires the nobility and church to swear an oath acknowledging Anne as lawful Queen. But will Thomas More agree?

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Apr 30 | 9:00PM ET

Home Fires, Season 2: Episode 5

Steph risks losing the farm, Sarah finds herself in a dangerous situation, and Teresa has a big decision to make. Alison makes a shocking discovery; can she warn Frances before it’s too late?

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Apr 30 | 10:00PM ET

Wolf Hall, Episode 5

With Anne pregnant again and away from court, Henry begins to take notice of Jane Seymour. Anne hears of this and threatens Cromwell to make terms with her before her son is born. But has she overplayed her cards?

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May 7 | 9:00PM ET

Home Fires, Season 2: Episode 6

There’s cause for joy in the village as everyone prepares for a wedding, but even as the allies cheer for victory in the Battle of Britain, there’s one more twist of fate in store for the citizens of Great Paxford.

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May 7 | 10:00PM ET

Wolf Hall, Episode 6

Henry’s love for Anne Boleyn has given way to anger and distrust and he instructs Cromwell to rid him of his second Queen. Sensing her loss of favor, the Queen’s enemies gather.

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May 14 | 9:00PM ET

King Charles III, Episode 1

King Charles III, adapted by Mike Bartlett from his Tony-nominated stage play, is part political thriller, part family drama and a timely examination of contemporary Britain.

May 21 | 9:00PM ET

Dark Angel

This one-night drama tells the extraordinary true story of Victorian poisoner Mary Ann Cotton, played by Golden Globe winner and Emmy award nominee Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey).