Sharpe's Peril
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Meet the characters and cast
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Join the trek across the bandit-plagued badlands of central India and meet the heroes and shadowy characters of Sharpe's Peril. Click on any of the major characters to learn how they fit into the story, and also about the careers of the actors who portray them.

Richard Sharpe

Richard Sharpe is ready to return home from India, but not before one last assignment — the safe passage of Marie-Angelique Bonnet.

Played by:
Sean Bean

Sean Bean left school to work in his father's factory, and after considering careers as a soccer player and mime, decided to pursue acting. Bean received a scholarship to London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he studied alongside the likes of Kenneth Branagh.

Bean appeared on Masterpiece in Henry VIII. He is recognized for his role as Boromir in The Lord of the Rings films. Known for playing villains in films such as GoldenEye, and Patriot Games, he sports a scar over his eye from a fight scene in the latter film when Harrison Ford accidentally clubbed him with a boat hook.

Bean was not the first choice for the role of Richard Sharpe. He stepped in when actor Paul McGann was sidelined due to an injury.

Sharpe's Peril is Bean's sixteenth Sharpe film. In it, Bean wanted to portray a more meaningful and thoughtful hero, not as rash or bold as before.

Patrick Harper

An old comrade-in-arms of Richard Sharpe, Patrick Harper must cross the bandit-plagued badlands of central India with Sharpe and company to reach the port of Calcutta in order to get home.

Played by:
Daragh O'Malley

A native of Ireland, Daragh O'Malley attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Along with Sean Bean, O'Malley has appeared in all the Sharpe films. During filming of the latest Sharpe installment, a mini-tornado hit the village during filming, damaging part of the set and injuring O'Malley. Despite this setback, O'Malley was delighted to return to India for Sharpe's Peril.

Marie-Angelique Bonnet

By official request, Sharpe is escorting the mercurial Marie-Angelique Bonnet to meet her fiancé, Major Joubert, at an East India Company.

Played by:
Beatrice Rosen

Born in New York City but raised in Paris, Beatrice Rosen began acting at age 10. After working in French television, Rosen broke into the Hollywood scene in 2004 with a role opposite Mandy Moore in the film Chasing Liberty. Rosen has since been seen on American television and on film in the Batman movie The Dark Knight and in 2012. While Sharpe's Peril allowed Rosen to fulfill her dream of being in a costume drama, the job had drawbacks — especially the heat during filming. It was often more than 100 degrees while Rosen wore a corset and layers of petticoats.

Major Joubert

Marie-Angelique Bonnet is desperate to reconnect with her fiancé Major Joubert, but he may not be quite the man she thinks he is.

Played by:
Pascal Langdale

Pascal Langdale trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. With a variety of British television, theater and film credits to his name, Langdale's most recent role is as the lead character in the video game Hard Rain, for which he provided not only his voice, but his likeness.


The leader of the East India Company cavalry, Colonel Dragomirov comes to the aid of Sharpe and his party, but are Dragomirov's motives purely altruistic?

Played by:
Velibor Topic

Bosnian actor Velibor Topic has a resume that includes everything from Japanese theater to Greek tragedy, but is now most recognized for roles that involve crime. On Masterpiece, Topic has appeared in Prime Suspect 6 and The Railway Children. He has been seen on British television series including Holby Blue and The Bill, and on film in Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering with Jude Law.


The British troops Sharpe and Harper encounter are being led by boy soldier Ensign Beauclere, who is supervising the transfer of an accused murderer to Calcutta.

Played by:
Luke Ward-Wilkinson

A fresh face on Masterpiece, British actor Luke Ward-Wilkinson was born in 1992. He has been seen in several British television series including Wild at Heart and The Secret of Eel Island, but he's possibly best known as teenager Simon Doonan from the popular BBC television show Beautiful People. Trained at London's Royal Ballet School, Ward-Wilkinson has appeared in Sleeping Beauty at London's Royal Opera House.


An accused murderer being transferred to Calcutta, Barabbas learns he has a very personal and troubling connection to Sharpe.

Played by:
Amit Behl

Originally trained in engineering and business, Indian actor Amit Behl set his degrees aside to pursue acting. He made his television debut in the first Indian soap opera, Shanti, and since then has appeared in nearly 50 Indian serials. Behl was selected from more than 350 actors to appear in Sharpe's Peril.


Colonel-Sergeant Wormwood harbors resentment against Sharpe, who he considers to be an excessive disciplinarian.

Played by:
Steve Speirs

Steve Speirs hails from a small and impoverished community in Wales, which would provide inspiration for Caught in the Act, a film he wrote and starred in. Other acting film credits include Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Eragon and Inkheart. Speirs has appeared on a number of British television series including No Heroics and City of Vice.

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