Sherlock: Series I

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Sherlock Holmes stalks again in a thrilling contemporary version of the Victorian-era whodunits based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Atonement, The Last Enemy) as the go-to consulting detective in 21st-century London, with Martin Freeman (The Office UK) as his loyal friend, Dr. John Watson, and Rupert Graves (The Forsyte Saga) as the long-suffering Detective Inspector Lestrade. Fast-paced, funny, and surreally true to the hero's fantastic gifts for deduction, the series is co-created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Coupling) and Mark Gatiss (Doctor Who, The League of Gentlemen).

Episodes of Sherlock

A Study in Pink (Re-airing January 15, 2012)
A modern-day Sherlock Holmes teams up with former Army doctor John Watson to solve a case of serial suicides. Using his deductive skill, Sherlock corners a killer who has mysterious powers over his victims.

The Blind Banker (Re-airing January 22, 2012)
Pursuing the case of a banker and a journalist shot dead by a ghostly assailant, Sherlock and Watson uncover an antiquities-smuggling empire.

The Great Game (Re-airing January 29, 2012)
In a gripping match of wits, Sherlock solves crimes at a dizzying pace for a mad bomber who threatens to blow up innocent people.

Benedict Cumberbatch Video Interview
The Sherlock star discusses putting a 21st-century twist on the Victorian sleuth.

Sherlock Co-Creators Chat Transcript
Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat on the dramatic ending to the final episode of this season and what's ahead for Sherlock.

Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat Video Q&A
The Sherlock co-creators on their boyhood fandom that fueled the series, casting the leads and more.

Sherlock Book & Film Club
Find intriguing discussion questions and test your Sherlockian skills with these new Masterpiece Book & Film Club materials.

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