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My Uncle Silas

The Author, H.E. Bates
Story Synopsis
Russell Baker on My Uncle Silas
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My Uncle Silas II      TV PG
Airing Sunday, March 28, 2004, on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Aired previously January 2003

The first series of Silas stories, My Uncle Silas, aired in November of 2001.

Five-time Oscar® nominee Albert Finney returns as rascally Uncle Silas, a wily old country rogue, in a new series of sketches set in the English countryside in the early 1900s.

The presentation features five short stories which find Uncle Silas enlivening his summer with a spot of matchmaking, posing for the sculptor Lady Hermoine and infuriating Sam, the local village policeman, among other adventures.

Sue Johnston (Brassed Off) reprises her role as Silas's sharp-tongued housekeeper, the irascible Mrs. Betts; Joe Prospero again appears as Silas's adoring nephew Edward.

This gentle period drama is based on stories by the creator of The Darling Buds of May, H.E. Bates (1905-1974). His work has appeared before on Masterpiece Theatre, notably in the jazz-age romance Love for Lydia, set in the author's salad days as a young reporter. In My Uncle Silas, published in 1939, Bates harks back to his boyhood in Northamptonshire and the extravagant stories of a favorite great uncle.

The Author, H.E. Bates | Story Synopsis | Russell Baker
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The author, H.E. Bates

Story Synopsis

Russell Baker on My Uncle Silas

Cast + credits

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