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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking
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Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

World famous detective Sherlock Holmes is bored out of his mind. Dr. John Watson has abandoned his friend and colleague. He is engaged to be married and has taken an apartment of his own.

And then the killings start. The body of a young woman is pulled from the Thames in the East End. She is assumed to be a street prostitute. It is not unusual in this brutal place, this brutal time. But a stocking in her throat suggests foul play. Watson persuades a reluctant Holmes to involve himself in the case. His brilliant analytical mind and precise observation are quick to detect the error: the corpse is not that of a street girl but a lady.

As debutantes prepare for a classical tableau in the presence of the new King, another aristocratic girl goes missing. Georgina is young, she is vulnerable, she is heavily chaperoned. And yet she disappears from under their noses. Scotland Yard is baffled. But London society is relentless: the Season must go on. Marriages must be brokered, husbands found and bought.

The killer is growing more confident. Georgina's dead body is discovered. She is dressed in the clothes of the first victim. She, too, has a stocking lodged in her throat. There is no question now that this is the work of one audacious killer. Georgina's family are paralyzed in their grief but Holmes is galvanized into feverish action. Despite his impending marriage, Watson finds himself drawn once again into his friend's orbit as they grapple with the mystery.

As the royal performance approaches, nocturnal telephone calls, rooftop abductions and a significant escape mean that Holmes is convinced that the killer has not yet finished his reign of terror. He resorts to rather unorthodox methods: that is the advantage of being unofficial. A perilous public disguise, a high risk trap, a clandestine exhumation -- Holmes and Watson must use everything at their disposal to prevent another death. The evidence accumulates: a pair of dancing shoes, a rogue fingerprint, a strong smell of chloroform, a broken glass.

Notwithstanding the absurd reticence of the nobility and the blunderings of the police, Holmes inches closer to his extraordinary conclusions. When all other contingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. With startling rapidity the mystery deepens and Holmes risks his reputation and his health to prove his theory. But he has not imagined the complex and dark passions of his adversary.

Brilliant, secretive, volatile: Sherlock Holmes must use his combined powers of deduction and imagination to solve the case. Illicit liaisons are exposed, and secrets uncovered even as events spiral out of control.

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