The Best Moments from Episode 5

Prepare for a shocking conclusion! Relive the best moments from Season 3, Episode 5 with our list of the episode’s must-see moments. Contains spoilers! 

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    George is particularly vexed in Episode 5–not due to mining, banking, or Aunt Agatha’s biting wit–but because of toads! He once had all toads removed from Trenwith’s ponds, but when they make a sudden reappearance, he assumes Ross is teasing him. Determined to catch this amphibian importer, George orders his henchmen to guard the pond. They catch Drake Carne, who has been depositing the toads for the amusement of his sweetheart Morwenna. Drake manages to escape unidentified, but not without bruises.

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    Dwight's Silent Struggle

    Dwight returned from France alive, but not entirely well. He’s haunted by nightmares, visions of the horror he endured as a prisoner. His doting bride Caroline feels powerless to help him, but Dwight assures her that all wounds can be healed in time. For now, he just needs patience.

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    Roadblocks to Romance

    Morwenna and Drake’s will-they-or-won’t-they romance reaches a breaking point in Episode 5: Morwenna has been promised to the odious Reverend Whitworth, but promises to reject him in favor of Drake. Unfortunately, George’s henchman sees the couple during a steamy rendezvous, which gives George just the ammo he needs.

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    "One Stone, Many Birds."

    Before George sends Geoffrey Charles away away to boarding school, the young Poldark gives Drake a gift: a beautifully-bound Bible.

    Unfortunately, George uses Drake’s possession of the Bible to charge him with theft. Because George is now a Cornish magistrate, Drake’s life rests entirely in his hands.

    The only person who can save Drake is Morwenna, who holds the key to something George truly wants: a connection to the powerful Godolphin family…

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    Deal With the Devil

    Poor Morwenna is at the mercy of George’s ambition, and given a terrible choice: See Drake hang, or marry Osborne Whitworth. Ever-dutiful, Morwenna quickly and quietly weds the depraved Reverend. Given what we’ve seen of Whitworth, she’s in for a rude awakening.

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