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Story Synopsis

It's the summer of 1959, the dawn of an era of unprecedented freedom for women. Jenny Bunn is taking a new job as a primary school teacher. She's gorgeous and new to town, so it's not long before she's spotted by local wolf Patrick Standish. From the moment he sees her, he resolves that he will have her.

Although flirty and mischievous, Jenny is a "nice" girl. When the charming Patrick pounces on her, she firmly tells him no, determined not to be bullied into sleeping with him only to have him leave when the novelty has worn off. But Patrick has never wanted a girl as much as he does Jenny. He gets plenty of other offers, but Jenny becomes an obsession.

Their tangled affair plays out against a backdrop of the boarding schools, cricket pitches, and country houses of provincial England and the sleazy jazz and strip clubs of London's Soho.

Episode Summaries

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Episode 1
May 13, 2001
Pretty schoolteacher Jenny Bunn arrives in a small town near London and immediately catches the eye of Patrick Standish, Latin teacher at a posh private school. He vows to seduce her and moves quickly to head off competition. Jenny is intrigued, but wants marriage, not a fling. Meanwhile, three of Patrick's pals are also interested in Jenny, each with a different amorous approach -- from crude (landlord Dick Thompson) to inept (teacher Graham McClintoch) to silky smooth (millionaire Julian Ormerod). All have a go while Jenny remains steadfast to her virginity. Beginning to feel the unfamiliar pangs of true love, Patrick looks for distraction in a night of debauchery in London organized by Julian.

Episode 2
May 20, 2001
Trying intimidation, Patrick gives Jenny an ultimatum: Make love or make tracks. Jenny seems to acquiesce, but then gets cold feet. Patrick has an unexpected tryst with his boss's teenage daughter instead. Thoroughly disgusted with himself, he shows up drunk at Julian's swank party. Jenny shows up and soon gets drunk herself. In this state of mutual inebriation, their relationship takes a new turn.

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