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More about and by Alan Bennett

Bennett, Alan: British actor
The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago presents a concise introduction to Alan Bennett and his career. Includes listings of his television series and specials as well as radio and stage plays and publications.

The Guardian profile: Alan Bennett
An essay by Aida Edemariam about the author who "has been called everything from national treasure and prose laureate to curmudgeon laureate and Oracle of Little England. Yet the difference between Bennett the man and Bennett the image remains an enigma..."

British Film Institute
Alan Bennett was the focus of a two-month retrospective and the centerpiece of the British Film Institute's TV2003 season.
    Alan Bennett
    An overview of Bennett's significance and links to more info about selected credits, including synopses and production stills.

    Thora Hird and Alan Bennett
    This essay examines the half-dozen collaborations between the actress Thora Hird and playwright Alan Bennett.

An Audience with Alan Bennett
A review by Nick Breckenfield of a June 2004 performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. From

Beyond the mundane: Alan Bennett, Britain's poet of self-awareness
Boston's Museum of Fine Arts sponsored a retrospective of Bennett's television dramas in 1998; this review examines the program's characters and how "the sheer inventiveness and emotional range of their pitiless self-examination holds you spellbound..." From the Boston Phoenix.

Alan Bennett on the history of the National Theatre
Bennett wrote this personal essay on the National Theatre (the Olivier, the Lyttelton and the Cottesloe) on London's South Bank.

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About Alan Bennett

Bergan, Roland. Beyond the Fringe...and Beyond: A Critical Biography of Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, and Dudley Moore. Virgin Books: London, 1990.

Berney, K.A., editor. Contemporary British Dramatists. London: Washington: St. James, 1973; 5th edition, 1993.

Wu, Duncan. Making Plays: Interviews with Contemporary British Dramatists and Directors. London: St. Martin's Press, 2000.

Wu, Duncan. Six Contemporary Dramatists: Bennett, Potter, Gray, Brenton, Hare, Ayckbourn. London: St. Martin's, 1995.

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By Alan Bennett, selected titles

The Clothes They Stood Up In
The Complete Beyond the Fringe, with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller
The Complete Talking Heads
Father! Father! Burning Bright
Forty Years On
Getting On
Habeas Corpus
The History Boys
The Lady in the Van
The Laying on of Hands: Stories
Me, I'm Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Objects of Affection and Other Plays for Television
Rolling Home
Single Spies
Soldiering On
Telling Tales
Writing Home

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