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From Talking Heads: The Hand of God
By Alan Bennett

... I think of Lawrence. 'Christ, old girl, I didn't sink my gratuity in this place to start selling bloody condiments.' He was in bomb disposal which was why to begin with we went in for clocks. Though of course there were clocks then. There was everything then. Furniture. Pottery. Stock no problem. And if one had the eye, which I do, one could pick and choose.

Not any more. Take what you can get. And money, money, money. If you love beautiful things, which is why I came into this business in the first place, it just breaks your heart.

And everybody's an expert now, up to all the tricks of the trade. You'll see something catch their eye and don't ask about it straightaway; they enquire about something else, pretend they're not interested then it's, 'Oh... incidentally, how much is this little thing?' It's the oldest dodge in the world and they expect you to be taken in by it. Of course they've picked all that up off the television. I won't have one. I said to Nancy Barnard, I refuse to watch. She said, 'Well, we only have it because of Fay.' Fay! They're both glued to it!

Wish I could shift this refectory table. It was a real snip when I got it but I've had it a year now and not a nibble. Lovely top. Elm.

She gives a little smile as someone obviously looks in the window.

Old Miss Ventriss seeing what there is. Took two Crown Derby plates off her once, just as a favour, one of them chipped.

Looking a bit frail. Going on.

Lovely cameo brooch.


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The Film

From Talking Heads: The Hand of God
By Alan Bennett

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