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Smashing Slang!
Gagging for the latest London lingo? Keep your hair on! Slog through this jammy quiz and you'll be sussed.

Do you know a tosser from a jumper? Are you gobsmacked at your mother's posh flat? Is Bob your uncle? Is your uncle a bobby? Put on your thinking cap and try to match the definition with the "proper" British slang. Try again until you get it right, and then move on to the next definition. Even if you're wrong, you'll add a colorful phrase to your English vocabulary.

From Alex Comfort to Steven Biko, from Margaret Thatcher to Freddie Mercury, from Bennie Hill to Petshop Boys... what a long, strange trip it's been...

The Soundtrack
What's that sound? Check out the myriad musicians supplying the backbeat to this tale of three cultures and three families over three generations.

... Rollermania ruled... The band dressed in tartan and developed a fanatical following. In 1975 the Rollers had two consecutive UK number 1 hits: Bye Bye Baby (a Four Seasons cover) and Give A Little Love. They topped the US charts with Saturday Night the same year.

Zadie Smith
A biography of and an interview with a young writer who, like the characters in her novels, defies easy categorization.

"... I went on the set for the party scene where Archie meets Clara, which is a bastardized version of how my parents met. It was a very odd thing to walk into this seventies house and see my mother come down the stairs to be met by my father. But the main thing about it is that as a writer I work by myself. No one has to work for me. In fact, no one has to do get up and do anything. But when I was on the set there were suddenly all these people. There were trailers all the way down the street; costume makers; people arguing about which hat they're going to wear; literally 500 extras. It was such a cold day, and I thought, "This is all happening because I sat down and wrote this thing and now here we all are, freezing our asses off!"

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