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Zadie Smith

<Zadie Smith>
Part of a searchable database that includes some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers, this Web page from the British Council ('the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations') provides a summary of Zadie Smith's career. Includes brief biographical information, awards and a bibliography of her work.

She's young, black, British -- and a publishing sensation
In this article from the Guardian Unlimited's Web network, Smith talks openly about publicity and race relations in the UK, as they apply to White Teeth as well as to her own life. From January 2000.

White Knuckle Ride
In another candid Guardian Unlimited interview, Smith discusses how she has coped with her sudden celebrity status and with becoming a spokesperson for race, youth and women. The issue of race in White Teeth and the role of her upbringing and education on her writing are examined. From December 2000.

BBCi Books -- Zadie Smith
The BBCi's 'Books' section includes an overview of her literary awards, the themes of her work and information on her education and background.

Zadie Smith
Presented by 'Seattle Arts and Lectures.' a non-profit literary arts organization, this page offers a brief biography, an excerpt from White Teeth and links to other resources.

Zadie Smith: Willesden to Whitbread
In January 2001, when Smith was a contender for the prestigious Whitbread book award, this profile appeared on the BBCi News Web site. Scattered with quotes from an interview with Smith, the article touches on her talent, her background and how she's dealing with her newfound celebrity.

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Multicultural Britain

Migration Histories
This online database records and illustrates the migration of Caribbean, Irish, South Asian and Jewish peoples to England over the past two centuries. Click on 'Journeys' or 'Settling' for fascinating and in-depth experiences, memories and photographs. Compiled by 'Moving Here', an organization 'celebrating and exploring' migration with contributions from individuals, museums, archives and libraries across England.

Race UK
An in-depth look at race in Britain in the 21st century with surveys, features and analysis. This BBCi Web site offers a broad timeline of British immigration through history, outlining how population has transformed over the centuries. Links to relevant pages are available, including 'What makes you British?,' 'Faces in advertising,' and 'Who lives where?,' offering maps of ethnic communities in Britain.

Immigration, Labor and Race in the United Kingdom
This comprehensive profile identifies immigration trends and offers an historical overview of immigration policy in Britain as well as information about nationality, refugee and asylum challenges and more. Race relations and geographical concentrations of immigrants are also analyzed. From the Migration Policy Institute, an independent, non-profit think tank based in Washington D.C. and 'dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide.'

Ethnic Diversity
The official Web site of the Commission for Racial Equality contains a concise overview of 'immigrants past and present,' a discussion of 'the contributions of ethnic minorities' and an introduction to the 'Roots of the Future' project which will show how modern Britain has been enriched by its multicultural society. Teachers can find information on resources that may be purchased for the classroom.

Multi-racial Britain
BBCi's History Web pages present this article by Diane Abbott in which she discusses being an MP of African descent in Britain, and examines in depth the evolution of Britain's multi-cultural society.

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By Zadie Smith

Speaking with the Angel (2000)
White Teeth (2000)
The May Anthologies (2001), editor
Piece of Flesh (2001), editor
The Autograph Man (2002)
Best of Young British Novelists (2003) (includes short story 'Martha, Martha')
The Burned Children of America (2003), introduction

For further reading

Brown, Yasim A. and Anne Montague. The Colour of Love: Mixed Race Relationships. London, UK: Virago, 1992.

Brown, Yasim A. Who Do We Think We Are? Imagining the New Britain. London, UK: Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 2000.

Brown, Yasim A. After Multiculturalism. London, UK: Foreign Policy Centre, 2000.

Brown, Yasim A. Mixed Feelings: The Complex Lives of Mixed-race Britons. London, UK: The Women's Press, 2001.

Mason, David. Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain. Oxford, UK; New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Parekh, Bhikhu Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2000.

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