White Teeth: The Soundtrack

Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar
Roop Tera Mastana

Singer/actor/filmmaker Kishore Kumar (real name Abhas Kumar Ganguly) was born in Khandwa, India, in 1929.

"... The man from Khandwa, as he called himself, died ... in October 1987... He was the later-day Don Quixote de la Mancha who tilted at the windmills of false values so fostered by the Bombay film industry. But despite its perfidy and intrigue, the same film industry could never deny the undoubted genius of this versatile showman... Kumar has been called everything -- from a miser to a madcap to a moron. Perhaps, it is out of such madness that his genius emerged. As a singer, he was unparalleled: his songs coming as naturally as laughter. No other comedian had the precise timing for slapstick that he had and like slapstick itself, he was no respecter of age or sex. The heroine's gouty uncle could face as much the butt of his humour as his cruder contemporaries ... In many ways, greatness was thrust upon him and he played the fool to the hilt...."