White Teeth: The Soundtrack

John Martyn John Martyn
Solid Air

John Martyn, a native Scot, released his first album in 1968 -- London Conversation. His first releases were acoustic and folky, tinged with jazz and blues.

"... It was a series of classic albums beginning with 1971's Bless The Weather that were to see him transcend the boundaries of conventional singer-songwriting and develop a ground-breaking style in which he coaxed the most extraordinary sounds out of his acoustic guitar by attaching an echoplex to the instrument. At the same time he pushed his voice into uncharted territory, using it in the same way Coltrane used a sax or Hendrix a guitar, to convey depths of emotion which his lyrics could only hint at it ... The title track of 1973's Solid Air was written about his friend Nick Drake..."