White Teeth: The Soundtrack

Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel
Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me Sometime)

Steve Harley was born Steven Nice in 1951; he formed Cockney Rebel after an unsuccessful attempt at a career in journalism.

In 1975 the band recorded Make Me Smile at Abbey Road studios with the Beatles' producer, Alan Parsons; it became a number 1 hit in England and elsewhere.

"... It is now one of the most played records in British pop history, has been a Top Forty hit three times for Steve and has been covered more than 120 times, including versions in several foreign languages. ... Make Me Smile has also appeared in movies such as Saving Grace, Velvet Goldmine and The Full Monty and has helped market several products through TV advertising. Harley now refers to the song fondly as his pension."